And speaking of adoption…

And speaking of international adoptions, please read the article recently in the Globe and Mail.  And check out the comments!  I read the first two pages, then quit while I was ahead.  Trust me, they always deteriorate. Wow, along with the usual drivel, adoptive parents speak out and add their  2 cents.  Good for them!  It’s interesting how some people think that adoptive parents shouldn’t even have a say.  Hey, guess what, everybody should have  a say. Even the asshats who love to tell you that you who exactly you should adopt, even though they have no intention whatsoever of giving a child in need a home. And for the love of all that’s holy, do we really need to hear that “why don’t you adopt from your own backyard?”  Adopt Canadian?  We’ve got a big ole country full of provinces who do not work with one another and some effectively discourage adoption.  How many times have I read a blogger who wanted to do just that, and children’s services (on both sides of the border) made it nearly impossible?  Omigod, don’t get me started.

The article highlights rising costs and roadblocks to international adoption. I tempted to email this article to a the girl who once suggested I adopt from China.  Come to think of it, she was Chinese.  Yeah, that application would have gone down in flames. And  I thought 2 years was a long wait.  Hah!  Too fat, too black, NEXT!

So let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “And speaking of adoption…

  1. O.M.G!!!
    First of all, I would love to be in a room with that Starla chick so I could kick her keister. I bet she’s a regular mouth piece on just about any topic. Second, I think some of the posts by fellow AP’s were so freaking articulate I feel like a first grader. I was ( if you can’t tell) very impressed. Third, it’s sad but no matter what people with experience say, those who are I’ll informed will remain the judgemental bastards they proved to be.
    Honestly, I had quite the chuckle at some of the idiocy that was posted. Every douche has an opinion.

  2. I just avoid those articles and especially commenters. I’m starting to avoid adoptee and bithmother blogs too. I still get so riled up and livid and then I start questioning and seriously, I need to live my life and attend to the needs of my family.

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