Breaking down

About a month into hubby’s new job and I’m back at the chiropracter’s office.  Twice.  Three times.  Sigh.  Apparently motherhood is hazardous to my health.  Good news is that the Precious seems to finally be over his bronchitis.  Unfortunately, he seems to have gotten used to his days lolling about watching TV, walking the dog and having his temperature taken several times a day by his crazy mummy.  (I bought a new fancy digital  ear thermometer (on sale – Braun) to replace the old Safety 1st one I bought in the States when we first had the Precious.  Oh, I kept the $5 simple digital one too but they both kept giving me different temperatures (one if Fahrenheit and one in Celsius); it was driving me nuts.  I was just confusing myself by using one for the ear and the other for the armpit/mouth.  The ole’ hand over the forehead seemed to be just as accurate.)

My pseudo kickboxing is coming along nicely.  I say pseudo because if anyone actually kicked me back, I’d fold faster than Superman on laundry day.   I joined the fighter bootcamp (motto:  Fighting Solves Everything) and I am enjoying it.  I get really embarrassed when I suck air, but the combination of being out of shape and exercise induced asthma keeps me humble.  I have to say that hitting is quite addictive.  That satisfying smack on the sparring pads!  Ah, true love. It’s what keeping me sane, people.  Despite my aching shoulder joints, stiff back and bad knees, the group never makes anyone feel bad about being less than stellar.  I’m hard on myself, I just wish I was better coordinated.  The trainer is very supportive and encouraging.  Now I just wish I did not give in to hormone induced cheating this week.  I confess!  I had a Skor candy bar and a can of Pringles.  Then I got my period.  That explains it.

The PMS has gotten way worse over the past several months.  I tried to talk to my doctor about this, the problems with sleeping, weight gain, fatigue, etc.  I got a thyroid and blood test.  Normal results, whatever that means.  She recommended cutting down caffeine, exercise, going to bed earlier.  I’ve done all three, exercise being the most effective.  She suggested melatonin for the sleep issue.  It didn’t really work.  I still woke up 2 or 3 times.  The next thing is sleeping pills, but truly, that will only  solve one issue and with a kid in the house, I don’t really want to be in a coma if he needs me.   I think what I’m looking for is a way to deal with perimenopause in a more holistic fashion so perhaps she’s not the right person to talk to.  She can give me pills for depression but I’m not actually sick.    I looked up a clinic that deals with midlife health and of course, they charge about $1000 for testing and a strategy.   I’m sure there’s a whole list of supplements they’ll want me to buy, too.  Forget that.  I’m going to go to the bookstore and see what I can find on my own.   I’m tired of the foggy thinking, completely forgetting about things a day later, it freaks me out and embarrasses me at the same time.  Having a mother with dementia doesn’t help either.  I may have to drag my ass to a naturopath (aahh…. oh the memories of the diet detox…. twigs and berries….not pleasant… all to get me healthy for pregnancy… oh man.)

Wish me luck.


15 thoughts on “Breaking down

  1. (Peri)menopause sucks. :p I am going through another round of itchy red neck/upper chest area right now. It’s been suggested it’s allergies, contact dermatitis, the cold weather/dry skin, stress… and of course good ol’ hormones. i think it’s a combination of all of the above. :p I take an antihistamine & have an anti-itch cream, have been wearing V & scoop necks to keep fabric from irritating the area as much as possible, but it’s taking its sweet time about clearing up. I had the same thing this time last year too.

    When you find the magic bullet, let me know!

  2. Some people are more sensitive to melatonin than others. DH and I are using the 5mg fast melts (sublingual) from GNC and they seem to be working okay. What dose did you try and did you try increasing it? I heard: Start low and keep going up until you hit the dose that works. (If you are sensitive to it, why use more than you have to … but some people just require more for it to work). I’ve also heard it has other benefits than sleep regulation.

    Did you ever try Christiane Northrup’s book … The Wisdom of Menopause. I have it sitting on my Kindle and haven’t read it yet, but I will get to it eventually. She’s usually an interesting combo of WooWoo and conventional western medicine ….

    • I actually have that book – somewhere – I remember reading something about the dissolution of her marriage and I thought, oh, yeah, that could happen. Women change and the the husband want to know what the hell is their problem.

  3. Ahhhh, I have been dealing with these issues for a bit now. The bloating and getting the night sweats and oh, the mood swings!
    I gave up – I went on the patch but I hate it. The mood swings are gone though and DH is ever so happy for that…. to bad my ENTIRE sex drive left with it as well.
    We just can’t win, can we??

    • I don’t have a sex drive at all at the moment, not sure if that’s hormonal or my state of mind. Is the patch estrogen or progesterone? I have thus far have not experienced night sweats (though I had them for a while after IVF and they were DREADFUL! I felt like my skin was on fire.

      • I went to my GP who tossed his hands in the air (after doing all sorts of bloodwork: thryoid, diabetes, arthritis, etc) and sent me to a gyno. I guess he figured a woman would be better able to assess the issues at hand. Really, the GP didn’t think there was an issue but I needed some relief from the violent mood swings… as did DH.
        I have no idea if the patch is estrogen or progesterone but I don’t like it at all. I am getting break through bleeding that is more annoying than a period itself and the patch is big enough that I have a tough time hiding it in an area that is not visible with a bathing suit. (and trust me, I have a LOT of area!!). It’s also higher hormone dosage than the pill so I think that may be partly to blame for the zero sex drive. I mean, I didn’t get it for long before but when it was here, it was HERE!

      • It’s estrogen based and high dosages. I actually took the patch off last night because I figured I may as well let AF visit since she seems to want it so freaking badly.
        I’ve had SE and I wont be going back on it.

  4. I had to go back and read if your doc tested your thyroid. Your symptoms sound exactly like I do when my thyroid level is off. (I have taken S.ynthroid for hypothyroidism for years.) The thing with thyroid testing is there is a large variant of normal and endocrinologists are now saying that the “normal” lab values are actually way off the mark. Just a thought.

  5. have you tried acupuncture and herbs? is it covered under your plan? if it is, find a practitioner who specializes in women’s health. the herbs are nasty, but they do help balance those damned hormones.

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