Not appropriate

In one week:  I let a big pan of boiling water evaporate on the stove – while I was in the living room on my computer.  The smoke detector went off and I was like why the hell is that going off?!  I left my hiking boots at the gym (wore my runners home), and last night as I was getting ready to go out and chatting with my girlfriend who had come over to babysit, I put the my wine glass in the microwave and a glass of milk on the kitchen counter.  Then I thought wandered about the house looking for my wine for a full 5 minutes before I realized what I had done. For the daughter of a dementia patient, this is so not appropriate.  Putting things in inappropriate places.  Not cool.  It’s one thing forgetting to pick up one item at the grocery store cause you are not using a list and another to put a glass of wine in the microwave, set it for 29 seconds, and then wonder where the hell your wine went.  True, the kid was chatting, she was chatting, I was trying to make sure his stuff was in order for bedtime and I was getting my boots, purse and what not, but omigosh!  Am I that tired?  I haven’t even finished reading that perimenopausal book yet!  I started taking B6-b12 vitamins and of course, my face starts getting bumpy.  I had that reaction when I was getting B12 shots years ago from the naturopath, so I had to stop.

What do I do?

Anyway, we went out for a company dinner last night.  It was so much fun.  Ah, yes, the wine was flowing and the food was delicious!  I love business dinners. Yes, it’s true, I love to socialize.   And these guys are actually fun to talk to.   It wasn’t all  just business talk.  Somehow the wives and I ended up talking a bit about open adoption – you know, the whole oh, weren’t you worried she’d try to take him back later and all that.  Yada, yada, yada, being the bridge for my son and all that.  Of course, they think I’m a friggin’ saint.  I’m not of course, I’m just your typically flawed human being with strong tendencies of self slander and quiet rage. Then mercifully, a  change of topic and by the time dessert was over, I was pleasantly buzzed and I took a cab home.  Hubby stayed out with his colleagues, but I had to get home, relieve my friend and do a little research for my audition today.

Yes, I have another audition which requires crazy hair and makeup and I still have to get socks and shoes on the kid, walk the dog and drop him downtown.  In an hour.  Bye.

18 thoughts on “Not appropriate

  1. It must be in the air. I was unloading some packets of goldfish yesterday while unloading groceries machine-gun style (because who wants to spend MORE time on chores?)… a few minutes later, I had the empty packaging in my hand, but the goldfish were not in the pantry. Come to find I had thrown out the goldfish instead of the box. Can you say, Not Present?

      • You know, I have followed you for a good while, so I knew your mom had dementia. But when I read this post the first time, it popped into my reader incomplete … it was cut off before you mentioned your mom and I didn’t make the connection off the cuff. I circled back today to read your latest … and realized that my comment missed your larger point here. Which is a shame, because it’s one that might be more personally relevant for me these days. My mom thinks my dad may have some form of dementia. Hard to say for sure; my mother has anxiety issues and loves to scare the hell out of herself with worst case imaginings. But DH and I are not ruling the possibility entirely out, either. It’s funny that you posted about this … because as an older mom, even though I have lots of reasons to be harried and distracted (even more than the average parent because of the adhd in the fam … if I don’t have it myself, other people in my house do) … and since we’ve started to consider at least half-seriously that my mom ~may~ be right (it’s a question mark) … and since I’ve started to notice a lot of age-related changes in myself for the first time (nothing major, but it feels like the change of seasons, the first bit of chill in the air … if ykwim) … I find myself wondering what’s in store for me if he does have it. And when I forget things … can’t recall a word or a name … which happens more often lately … yeah. It may not be exactly the same as what you are describing … but … yeah. I hear ya.

        Happy weekend. 🙂

      • My mum had a stroke when she was 69, and the resulting surgery is ultimately what put her in residential care, but she was having problems way before that. It’s just that since no one lived with her, we didn’t realize the full extent. And she had also passed certain neurological tests. I’m going to be in my sixties before my kid is even in high school, so forgetting stuff and putting items in inappropriate places may be attributed to just being distracted, but 10 years from now, what’s it going to be like for me? I’ll be responsible for driving him here and there and homework and keeping track of all his activities – yeah, I get spooked every now and then.

  2. Good luck for your audition… hope it went well 🙂 I’ve forgotten things and started worrying about my memory too… all just part of being a mum, I hope :)) xoxo

  3. So how did the audition go? I swear i am getting more & more forgetful these days too. Yesterday we were in the car & I thought I lost my clip-on sunglasses. They were in my lap — I had taken them off just two minutes earlier to clean my glasses underneath them & got distracted. :p

  4. Dude. Welcome to my life. Perimenopausal is part of the *new me*. So lame.

    Here’s a good one – while we’re all comparing forgetful stories that is.

    I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone all the while scouring the ENTIRE HOME for my cell phone.


  5. You know, I have done the craziest, forgetful things since Sofie arrived. I just can’t concentrate anymore. I have poured diet coke instead of milk over cereal TWICE. The other day I forgot what lane I was in while driving which mattered since I was turning left. I completely blanked. I have had my cell phone to my ear while looking for it like traathy. This has been in the last two weeks. I think you are pretty normal. The story about the wine cracked me up. I just did the same thing with a diet coke.

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