Back in action

Good news – I have another phone – same model, Galaxy Nexus – hubby got on the phone (for the 3rd time) to talk to the customer loyalty department and got them to agree to replace my phone for $90.  He has spent literally thousands of dollars with them over the years.  He just had to sign with them again for another 3 year contract.  Gak!  These cell phone companies are like jailers.  Oh, you want an extra blanket.  Oh, you’ll have to stay in jail for another 3 years for that perk!  Which is a lot better than the $295 we were quoted to repair my phone and the $500 fee the dealer wanted to replace it.  And even better news – when I activated the new phone, thanks to Google, it still had all my contacts and 95% of my pictures (just don’t have the ones from Mother’s Day but that’s no big deal since friends took the same pictures). The videos of my mum and Kai were already on Google + so now all I have to do is to put back all my old apps. Ta da!

Then I got an audition for a lead in a movie – don’t get excited, it’s a bit of along shot – but I went for coaching the night before.  That really helped my negative state of mind. I just needed to talk stuff out with someone who understood some of my frustrations.   So if I go to coaching the night before, that will be my time to do my work.  That way, the morning of an audition I won’t be a rushed, unprepared, scattered, exhausted mummy who just wants a cup of coffee and a nanny.  Well, I won’t be unprepared anyway.


11 thoughts on “Back in action

  1. I don’t know if you have Best Buy up there, but I will always get my phone from them from now on. They have all the carriers and their $9.99 per/mo insurance covers everything. Everything. They fixed my two year old phone for $0 then gave me a fab deal on an iPhone ($99), so now I have a droid (for backup) and an iphone. I still hate my carrier (they are all money grubbing thieves and liars) but when I didn’t have a phone I felt like I was completely in the dark. Oh, how spoiled I have become.

    Break a leg (where the hell did that saying ever come from anyway?) at the audition. Long-shots happen so good for you going for it!

    • What I’m going to do is go in to the dealer’s store and see if I can pay for the insurance in cash. It’s $7 a month. They do have Best Buy up here but since the kid, we don’t have a lot of time to peruse electronic stores anymore (poor hubby.)

  2. Canada apparently has some of the worst cellphone rates & plans in the world. :p Glad you were able to get a reasonably decent deal, not to mention most of your data! And good luck on the audition!

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog! Good to hear you’re back in the crazy techno world, how did we ever live without our smartphones!?! (sarcastic smile!)

  4. Hi from ICLW – thanks for stopping by! That totally sucks about your phone – I dropped mine in the toilet recently and totally lucked out that it came out unharmed!!
    Good luck with your movie audition!

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