Busting out

Gack!  I’ve fallen off the Weight Watchers plan big time.  Burned out.  Pretty darn sure all the inches I lost have come back.  Sigh.  I’ve been thinking of quitting WW, I’m just tired of getting on the damn scale.  I’ve lost my motivation. I know I have at least 20 more lbs to go, but my emotional eating is in the way.  What emotions am I eating away now?   Seriously, just throw a dart.  And the thought of putting in 6 hrs a week in the gym – oh, man.  Yes, that’s what it takes for me, I know, cause I’ve done it before.  Except now I have a busy 2 yr old and have to wait til hubby gets home and dammit if I’m not tired by 6pm.   Honestly, the point system does work, but like most programs, you gotta actually DO it and I’m not really doing it anymore.  I’ve skipped a few weigh ins due to work or holiday plans and now I don’t want to face the scale that is just going to confirm that I’ve been cheating left, right and centre.    Oh, I earned my 10% keychain, but I had to leave right away that day so I didn’t even get a cheer.   Honestly, if I have to hear another story about how many almonds you can eat for a snack or weighing food or whatever, I’m going to kill myself.  I love working out and I’d rather be working out than going to  a weigh in and a meeting that fills me with dread. Also, where else can I go for months once a week and NOT have any friends or at least greet someone by their first name?  Really.  Yawn.

We were supposed to go visit the in-laws but it was cancelled last minute because my MIL had a bad cold and cough.  I  wasn’t too bummed about it because even if we had gone just for one day DH would not have left the kid so we could get out to a movie, and of course, there was the matter of sleeping on a thin piece of foam on the living room floor.  Ugh.  My back!   My sweet mother in law was sad to not see her adored grandson, but really, they had just returned from a cruise and she needed her rest, so I told her we’d see her soon enough.  Turns out it was a good decision because later I find out that MIL didn’t sleep well due to her cough and then a ferry was out of commission so it would have been a nightmare on the Victoria Day weekend.  Not to mention, REALLY expensive to just go sit in their living room.  Why not just stay  home and eat Pringles and drink pinot grigio?   Yep, I did. Don’t judge me.  It rained all weekend anyway.  Bah!

No news on the big audition, but I had another one yesterday for two small roles.  I went to a friend and did some work on them after the kid went to bed.  It was a producer/director session, a rarity these days for me, I went in uniform and thought I was pretty darn good.  We’ll see.  I had to drop of the Precious with hubby at his office and of course, he then tells me he has a meeting.  That’s the problem when you take babysitting out of the budget, but he was a trooper (both of them) and all went well.

Did I tell you I’m doing a staged play reading on June 2nd?  I am so psyched about it.  The play is “Proof”  by David Auburn and what’s different is that the family is black and I’m playing the older sister, Claire.  It’s a really good part and I look forward to rehearsals which start this weekend.  I even got my hair done.  And get this – I now have bangs.  Ghetto bangs.  I haven’t had bangs since 1983.  It’s a little weird, I have to tell you, I keep moving them out of the way.

Also coming up this Sunday afternoon is our annual women’s general meeting for my Buddhist group.  I’m sharing my experience regarding infertility and adoption from a Buddhist perspective.  Yikes!   If anyone is in the area and would like an invite, let me know, we’d love to have you.


5 thoughts on “Busting out

  1. I loved “Proof”! That is so cool. Enjoy! I also eat pringles for dinner sometimes. My metabolism is totally messed up now that I am approaching 40. I have no idea what to…

  2. Sounds like things are looking up for you, professionally! : )

    I DID quit WW. I have attended on & off for years, but I did not renew the last time our WW at Work session rolled over earlier this year, & I cancelled my WW online membership. You get it for free if you sign up, but it’s a convoluted process, & it’s $17 a month on your own — I love the e-tools, but I just wasn’t using them enough for $17 a month. I liked our longtime group leader, but I was missing more than half the meetings (& just weighing in without staying for half of the ones I did make)(partly because some days it’s just hard to take an hour away from the office for lunch & partly because some days I just did not want to face the scale). And I decided I should not be shelling out all that $$ if I wasn’t going to commit to the program. I may return, someday… it IS a good program, but of course, you have to follow it…!

    And while I was able to lose the weight on program without exercising much when I was 30, I am just not getting the same results, even when I DO apply myself, now that I am over 50. :p I have this vague idea that when I retire in a few years, I will have all this time & I can commit to a regular walking program & maybe even join a gym or take classes at the local rec centre, & the pounds will come off, particularly away from the food court temptations. (Remind me of this in a couple of years, will you?? lol)

    I have not really gained much weight in recent months/years — but I haven’t lost, either. I just keep bouncing around within the same five pound range. :p

  3. I hear you about WW! I have never been to a meeting, but I did try the online thing for a few months. The points system just doesn’t do it for me – I need to be paying attention to carbs and protein and all that. Plus I am so sensitive about weight loss. I always feel like I’m being preached at.

    And you just reminded me – i actually forgot I have a can of Pringles in my pantry. 🙂
    (here from ICLW)

    • Yep! It was yesterday – it was a great meeting. Not a dry eye in the house; laughter and tears. You may have to wait to see my righteous bangs – I have a rehearsal tomorrow night.

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