Sportscars and rainy weather

I used to be such a newshound, reading the paper every day, watching news, CBC, CNN, etc, but these days I get it secondhand. Hubby comes home and asks me, hey did you hear about…..?    I had no idea that part of the Eastern US was going through a heatwave and power outtages.  I was too concerned about the cold and wet weather we were having here.  DH has been a little crabby lately and has been talking about the how Vancouver isn’t what is used to be and if we were only going to have crappy weather year round, we might as well move.

To where, I can’t imagine.  We’re not going to move provinces, he’s just missing the good life he thought he’d have by now.  His old friend and teenage son came to town for the weekend.  Driving a fancy Audi sportscar.  What is it about men and sportscars, eh?  Getting one of those is like saying: “I’ve arrived, life is sweet and I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour”.  Personally, I’d prefer gourmet meals delivered to my door.   And a cleaning service.  I swear this week I thought I’d go nuts if I had to clean up or cook a meal again.  I know nothing would make him happier  to have the ability to pick up every meal tab and host his childhood buddy in his own custom crafted home.  I also know he realizes his friend has had his nose to the grindstone for 25 years at 60 + hours a week.  They sacrificed for years.  There’s no logic to comparing himself to him but sometimes I do the same thing.

It did make me  think of what life might have been like if we had not experienced infertility.  Of course, just about everything does in one way or another.  Back in my 20s, I used to wonder idly what my life would have been life had I been born white.    Would I have had better luck with men?  Would I have had better jobs?  A better life?  Yep, wasted brain matter thinking about that. And now in my 40s, I get to think would I have had a down payment for a house by now? My kid would be in school right now and I’d be heading to the day spa after walking the dog.  If the market hadn’t crashed after my husband found his dream job, I’d be typing on a beautiful Apple or Sony Vaio instead of a noisy as  hell on its last legs Toshiba with no battery life.  I’d be driving a BMW Z5 and hubby would have his sportscar waiting to be detailed in the garage of our West side home.

So what? More  pointless wondering.  But that’s what happens when it rains too much here.


5 thoughts on “Sportscars and rainy weather

  1. The what ifs drive me crazy some days, as well. *sigh* I hope your weather heads down to my state, we could use some rain!

  2. I have the same what ifs from time to time. Heh: love your fantasy about gourmet meals being delivered and a cleaning service. That would be the good life for me too: forget a sportscar!

  3. I wonder how life would have been too. All our friends are doing so well but we seem to be stuck in a rut. You are right wet weather (its raining here too) can really make one gloomy.

  4. I agree with you, what is it with guys & sportscars?? You could pay for alot of gourmet meals or housecleaning with the money spent on one Audi. ; )

    At the same time, as you said, that Audi cost your dh’s friend 60 hours a week for the past 25 years. Likewise, dh & I sometimes get envious of his cousins’ flashy cars & big huge houses on acreages with all the bells & whistles. And then we realize they are up to their eyeballs in debt to pay for it all. Everything has its price; we just don’t always realize it or see it in the same way. Great post.

  5. Oh regrets, I’ve had a few… I’m going to do a post and hopefully by the end of it, I’ll be over them… If I had money – oh there’s another one! But seriously, if I had money, I’d just visit all my friends and family in far-flung places, eat out more, and pay for childcare way more often than I do now!

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