Lest you think I spend all my time dwelling in mothering existential hell, I’ve been having a great summer.  Now that we finally have received sunshine and blue skies, we spend a lot of time outdoors at spray parks and the beaches which are only a ten minute drive away.  We just had a BBQ weekend at the beach.  On Saturday hubby took the kid for the morning to go find a kid’s birthday gift and I walked the dog.  Way better deal.  Way better.  Quiet, long, restorative walk in the endowment lands.  My back was still achy and it felt good to get the blood flowing.  Later, we went to a toddler’s  birthday party.  This was the son of my husband’s work colleague at their beautiful home in a tony neighbourhood.  No, no pangs of house envy for me, I’m over it now.  The one thing that I felt misty eyed over was that the father had his parents there, taking pictures and enjoying their grandchildren in good health.  I tell ya, kid’s birthday parties are really an excuse for parents to drink at home in the afternoon. They had a wine fridge bigger than our kitchen fridge!   The mother had all the kids in attendance doing Olympic themed games. They had to run an obstacle course in a grass skirt and fake nose glasses! I asked hubby to coach the Precious and he was up to the challenge.   A little complicated if you ask me, I would have filled a small pool with water and called it a day.   Both my son and the 3 year old birthday boy seemed a little overwhelmed.   At the end, all the kids received their gold medals – gold chocolate coins on a ribbon.  Man, they had to earn their goody bags.

Then off to  my friend’s  40th birthday bash where the pink champagne was flowing (discreetly of course because it’s illegal to drink alcohol in a public area) and then the next day we went to my Buddhist district’s picnic. A more peaceful atmosphere (no booze) but it was great.  I had lots of time to chat with people while hubby entertained the kid with a quick visit to the sandy beach.  It’s been ages since we’ve had consistently pleasant weather.

And then SURPRISINGLY I woke up Monday morning in a great mood and made it adventure day. Along with a neighbourhood mum and son we went to a new park, complete with a wading pool and had a great time there and then after a well deserved nap, we went to kick the ball around the local school field.  Hubby came home early and we walked up to the local pub for dinner.  Hubby said I should hire a sitter and just relax and focus on myself during the time off.  Mmm.  Yes, I checked for pods.  He’s been awfully easygoing lately, sending me emails that detailing his appreciation of all my stay at home mum efforts.  All in all, it was certainly one of the better Mondays I’ve ever had in a long time.


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