So we’re still looking for a new place – hubby came home after work, grabbed the car and did a drive by on a couple of places at least 30 minutes from here.  Seems like you can get lower rent, but you end up with the equivalent of sad looking places in nice neighbourhoods. Sigh.  Hubby already dislikes inviting people over here.  Of course, if my family visited me, I might feel the same way.

Speaking of family, my sister and her son came from Toronto.   After many new developments, they finally arrived last week.   My sister made it her priority to spend as much time with my mum as possible.  She took her out for walks in her wheelchair which is something I’ve never done.  Just recently she was put in another type of chair, one with footrests, and she took her to a nearby park and to a coffee shop.  She told me she really enjoyed it and remained calm, despite all the busyness of city life. Of course, it was emotional for her, but mum did have some lucid moments.  As I well know, that’s tough, really tough to actually her really see you and emotionally connect.  I was with her on her 77th birthday.  We booked a private room and brought some West Indian food to her.  I brought a hand blender so I could puree the curried goat to enable her to eat it.  A couple of times she looked at me HARD and her eyes flooded with tears.  She fought  to connect and communicate clearly to me.  At one point, I had to just excuse myself so I could pull myself together.

Yet I pretty much just spent the week keeping my nephew and my son busy so she could hang with mum, so we only really were alone together once when I took her to a local spa to get her brows done.  The week just flew by and then they were gone.  And now it`s back to business as usual around here.  At least for the time being.  My sis did tell me that more family may be on their way.  My nieces.  And wait for it…. my father.

Not sure if I can handle that.


5 thoughts on “Family

  1. I’m really touched by the way you made your mother’s birthday special. It must be so difficult to not be able to communicate the way you want to. You’re a real trooper.

  2. oh that has to be so hard, being with your mum, seeing her like that, so sad and frustrated. yet how lovely that you made her day so special.

    sounds like a whirlwind visit with your sister, but I’m glad she spent some time, got to see your mum, and shared some of that with you. and whoa, your father, really? wow.

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