Losing it ***breaking news***

I had an audition yesterday – that I completely forgot about until I was washing my face and getting ready for bed.  A good one with a name and not just a job description.  My agent called me on Friday and I actually read the sides online on my smartphone and I thought, well, it`s the long weekend, I have plenty of time to study it.  And then it was the  weekend and the kid had a cold so we stuck close to home.  It`s not like we were having a gay old time somewhere exciting.  Then DH took a day off work, it was Precious first day at preschool, and my husband`s relatives were visiting and …. it went went out of my head.  I felt so bad, I cried and generally felt like shit.  Despondent. The one thing that I truly love to do and it just fell off my radar.  Embarrassed, I wrote a quick email to my agent, explaining to her that I just forgot and could you make up an excuse for my no-show.  I`m not even sure why I didn`t get a  WTF call but I`m sure she`s on vacation or something.

I`m losing it.  I`m not in a good space right now.


***********I guess those very expensive chocolate coated strawberries I sent to the casting directors  worked.  I have an audition for the part I missed today. Now off to google early dementia signs.

7 thoughts on “Losing it ***breaking news***

  1. Oh I am so sorry! I know that sinking feeling. I am one of those people who really cannot multitask– I lose the thread. I can imagine easily being in your place. Know you are still that creative, talented soul— there’s just so much one person can do! I hope you’re gentle with yourself. I’m positive another wonderful opportunity will come your way. Xoxoxo. I miss you since I’m blogging less lately but always thinking of you, always here. Love,


    • Thanks Pammy. I miss your writing, it was like a treasure chest – so many precious gems inside. I’m horribly hard on myself, but I did try to repair the damage – sent the casting directors chocolate coated strawberries.

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