Archive | October 14, 2012

Identity and unconditional love – part 1

I have a bit of glamour to report.  I attended my friend’s film premiere (barely squeezing into my old standby glamour pants) at the Vancouver Film Festival Thursday night and later on went to the after party.  Someone actually asked to film my opinion on the movie, Becoming R.edwood and (it’s FABULOUS by the way) and I was giddy at the prospect of being asked my opinion about anything.  It was a flashback to my old days networking at film parties.  ( FYI – networking at film parties is tedious at best and best performed with a slight buzz.)  The after party was great, I knew lots of people and my friend was gracious and happy I was there.  I met new people and had a great time.  Unfortunately, hubby did not make it out as he dislikes that sort of thing and opted to save babysitting fees.  I was disappointed at first, but having been at events where he’d rather not be, I was better off anyway.  I also hate having to explain to people where he was (which I had to do constantly), but I’d rather be there on my own supporting my friends.    My friend has the most wonderful trait that she never ever abandons me when we’re at an event.  She’s the best.  I came home late, but grateful that I had such a nice time.

Friday morning came early though.  Really early.  The rains have returned and it’s overcast.   Thank goodness for coffee.  I’d like to report a no peeing on the carpet day!  When the Precious gets up  really early sometimes that can work in my favour later on.  I didn’t have anything special planned, but I wanted to go to Safeway to get some things – honestly, just for the airmiles, –  it was 100 airmiles day. That’s what passes for excitement these days. The kid was motivated because we were out of milk and the Boo likes his milk.  I told the Precious that mama needed his help and that after we had eggs (that he gleefully broke on the side of the bowl) that we’d go and then when we got back, we’d watch a movie.  I laid out his day for him.   He did really well and I gave him the very important job of picking out a pumpkin and holding the hotdogs.  At one point he demanded to go home when I stopped to peruse the deodorant aisle, but lucky for me some random guy came by to do the same thing and Boo thought he was fascinating to watch.  I asked for his input  all the time and he was very glad to help me out. He fell asleep in the car on the way home (okay, so I drove around a little) but I got to read a free newspaper and have a break and then I managed to finish unloading the car. And when I brought him inside, instead of putting him in his room, I put him on the sofa and though I thought he’d wake up,  he just snuggled in and went back to sleep.  At that point, hubby had arrived home and we actually managed to have an non interrupted exchange before he took the dog out for a walk.  When Boo woke up, I handed him his milk and while he was still sleepy, I picked him up and took his straight to the potty and sat and talked with him to make sure he really had a good pee.  No saving up pee to surprise mummy later on.  No, no.  We snuggled on the couch and watched Disney’s The Wild, which is his current favourite movie, with popcorn and we chatted about about what was going on  in the movie and if I left him, made sure he was okay.  He put popcorn in my hand whenever I needed it.  When he started running around and fell, I picked him up and bounced him in my lap.  He wasn’t really crying if you know what I mean, just making noise, but I didn’t shush him, just let him be and then redirected his attention. I just stayed close (okay, I glanced at my smartphone every now and then) and by the time, daddy got home with dinner, I realized we had had a pretty nice day.  Even though when dad comes home, it’s becomes all about daddy, he still wants me close.  Don’t we all want unconditional love? I hear you, Boo.