Anniversary R&R

First of all, I have to let you know that DH went to my counsellor with me to discuss us going away.   Not sure how that happened, but it did and that was a good thing.  I had such anxiety about going away with him.  Considering how last year anniversary trip went, I was not all that enthusiastic about it.  I was kind of freaking out really.  I was trying to be upbeat, but it was difficult to let go of the worry.  The counsellor helped us to listen to one another using the Imago method.  It sounds so cliched and hokey to look at each other and use “I” sentences and repeat back what the other person said, but it does require patience and you can’t just heap on the you always, you never, you should crap with an objective party in the room.  It did help to release some of the tension and clear away false expectations on both sides.

I really did enjoy my time in Palm Springs.  Our first time.  I can’t believe I’m at the age where I actually thought Palm Springs was a good place to visit, but it was. One plus it has is that it’s only 2.5 hours from here, then you basically walk out from the gate, walk 2 minutes to get our luggage and turn around and pick up your rental car.  We were at the hotel in under 45 minutes from the plane landing.  I had two naps the day we arrived.  I put on my outrageously expensive swimsuit and lay down poolside and promptly fell asleep.  Then we moved to our room and we had another nap before dinner.  Then we had a lovely dinner and came back and slept 9 hours.  I can’t believe how tired we both were.

We stayed at a family run motel.  The one thing I did do was choose where we stayed.  casual, retro, comfortable and unpretentious.  There’s not that much to do other than shop and eat.  We did both.  And somewhere in between, we just took steps to being closer to one another.  We made it clear to one another that we were still in it together.  It was awesome to be able to have a conversation without being constantly interrupted by a toddler, even an adorable one.

DH found a beautiful, romantic restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  The service and the food were fantastic.  I even found myself uncharacteristically in the hot tub by the end of the night.  Note to self, do not drink champagne in a hot tub and expect to be without a headache at 5am.   Of course, no trip is complete without a 5 hour soujourn to an outlet mall.  I picked up a few things, but oddly DH could not find a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts (poor guy has been wearing the same two pair for about 3 years now).  I could have used a wee bit more time, but it was a welcome respite from the every day routines.

For the record, I did not give my husband a gift.  Or even a card (though he did give me one).  Ooops.  I was just so anxious about the whole thing it slipped my mind.  We agreed that this trip was present enough.   I doubt I would have found a card that expressed the sentiments found on a simple walk around a desert mountain at 8000 ft.


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