Archive | December 10, 2012

Cooped up, coughing, crazy

You want to know how to absolutely guarantee you’re going to get sick? Tell someone  that you never get the flu.  And if you want your kid to get sick, announce to the pediatrician that you had a cold and your kid didn’t even get it. And no, you don’t want to give him a flu shot.

A couple of weeks ago, I felt like hell.  Not sneezing or runny nose, just dead tired and no energy.  Rarely do I declare to my hubby that I don’t feel well because he’s such a nag, that I need to make sure I REALLY don’t feel well.  I just took to my bed earlier than usual.  About a week later, I felt better but I had developed a nasty, sleep busting cough.  And for some strange reason, Neo Citran is nowhere to be found in this city.  I went through the last 3 envelopes I had and then moved on to my beloved Nyquil to help me sleep.  Then, with the worst behind me, the Precious caught a nasty cough(two days after his birthday party – which was a hell of a lot of work but was awesome! Gangnam style dance party! ). He wanted to know why I had given him my cold.  Uh, sorry, kid.  I kept him out of preschool and away from other kids.  Needless to say, it was a long week cooped up in the house with the exception of dog walks.   We were supposed to go the island to ride the Christmas train with the in-laws so I took him to the pediatrician as his cough was getting worse. It sounded really wet and chesty.

He was diagnosed with RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.  Apparently most  kids get it, but according to the doc he was “overreacting” to it meaning he needed an inhaler to open his airways. I was really taken aback, but relieved I had brought him in.  We finally make it to the pharmacy to fill the prescription of not one inhaler, but two along with a breathing tube.  More waiting, and I was seriously crabby cause my kid had a slight fever and I needed to get him home to give him something for it.  He was being perfectly awesome by the way, not one complaint.  Then when finally we get home, I put him in a bath and assembled the cheap ass breathing tube which was not the one the doctor used in her office, but a cheap facsimile which didn’t really fit over his nose and mouth effectively.  I called the pharmacy and find out they had to order the model I wanted and it wouldn’t in til the next day.  Yes, that meant buying ANOTHER one cause I couldn’t really return it because I needed it and had NO MORE TIME to find another one at another pharmacy.  Did I mention, I had a babysitter due any minute because I was planning on meeting DH at his  office Christmas party?  I considered  not going, but the Precious was doing just fine, he was having a blast with the inhaler and found it all very interesting.  Our sitter was so sweet and insisted she could give him his breathing treatment just fine and I should go and enjoy myself.  I pulled myself together and squeezed myself into something glamorous with 3 inch red heels.  Yep, me.  It’s so rare that hubby and I get to share an evening out, but I knew I would be home at a decent hour.  After scarfing down a few appies cause I hadn’t eaten all afternoon, I relaxed with a giant glass of wine and had some lovely conversations.  It felt good to be out of the house and wearing pretty clothes and makeup, even if it was just a couple of hours.

We were home before I knew it and I had to wake the kid up at 2 am  to give him another breathing treatment.  He didn’t take kindly to being woken up and eventually he ended up in our bed trying to get a party started.  Needless to say we skipped our weekend with the in-laws, stayed home and went a little cabin crazy but the kid was over the moon having us home with him to watch movies with and play with him.  I did start to get that panicky, crabby feeling but I got out to walk the dog with a friend and go Christmas shopping.

I haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks due to my cold and then the kid’s cold and I’m going a little squirrelly.  Last year, my son would insist on going out for a walk in the cold, wet dark late afternoons and I’d be grumbling.  Now it’s me that going nuts penned up inside the house and I’m begging him to go outside and around the block for some fresh air.  I once actually lost it one day and stamped my foot and said, yes, we are going out!  He responded with another foot stomp of his own and screamed, No!.  Minus one for Mummy.

And speaking of fresh air, with the exception of the Boo’s room, we are now sealed in for the winter.  It’s getting colder and if we have on one too many lights with the space heater, the breaker flips.  Sigh.  The forced air heating is definitely not helping me or the kid so we are definitely moving in the spring.  Into what and where, I have no idea.