Archive | January 1, 2013

Better than chocolate

Happy New Year!  A new year, a new look, and hopefully a better attitude.  I, for one, am glad 2012 is over.  It was hard, y’all, my spool unravelled and I struggled with all that I had and all that I didn’t. I didn’t even know I could be THAT tired.  So tired I could barely think straight.  But I’m getting better.  Thank you for being there, listening to my private, crazy thoughts, ramblings, disconnected, jumbled, non linear and grammatically incorrect sentences.  Your comments, better than dark, organic, chocolate with sea salt or ginger bits.  Seriously.  

I’ve spent the last little while (like a lot of you) seriously considering giving up blogging for the usual reasons, like lack of uninterrupted, focused time.  Apparently, a woman my age can’t do it all without losing her every loving mind.  Not for free anyway.  I’ll keep hanging in there though cause being in this space makes me feel good and that I am making a positive cause.  And right now, that’s not something to be taken lightly.