Archive | March 21, 2013

Adoption reality show?

Have you seen the show, “I’m Having Their Baby”?  It’s on Slice TV or Oxygen.  I wanted to watch it with DH, but he had absolutely no interest in it. Of course, I hated the title because it was obviously not about paid surrogates, but women who have chosen adoption instead of parenting.  Also they always used the phrase “*** days before adoption”.  Well, no, it’s not 3 days before adoption, it’s 3 days before the baby is born and it’s not like even if the birthmother leaves the baby with the adoptive parents at the hospital that it’s a done deal.  That just drives me nuts.  Last time I heard, adoption orders are not done by the judge in the waiting room of a hospital.

I thought it was a great idea mainly because I thought it was great to see things from a birthmother’s point of view and also how different adoption can look depending on the circumstances and the people involved.  I’ve only seen a few episodes and not recently (not sure if it’s still airing) but I can’t seem to find full episodes online anymore.  At least they can’t be viewed from Canada. Did anyone see it?