Gracias universe!

We are going on vacation!  I can’t believe it!  A deal hubby has been working on for MONTHS finally paid off – I had given up all hope – and now we’re going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!!!  We’re staying at an all inclusive – another first.  It’s not something that ordinarily appeals to me but with a 3 1/2 yr old who would rather sit and play with a bucket of sand and water all day instead of traipsing around all day (which is what we prefer), it will be heaven!  We leave next Sunday and I can’t wait.  We both just want to relax and take it easy this time.  This will probably last 24 hours and then we’ll get bored and go out touring or something.   So I’m going to do some research as I know nothing about Mexico.  I know, I know, the thought of Mexico never really appealed to me because of the high profile murders of tourists or retired Canadians and what not.  But we’ll be just fine.  We’re going to a place that’s highly recommended by a friend.  As long as the kid is happy, we’ll be happy.  I’ve already gone shopping at Old Navy for some inexpensive vacation wear and started filling my pharmacy bag.  I never go on vacation without it.  I’m thinking I should bring workout gear but I’m not sure if I’ll actually DO it, you know what I mean?  I’m not much of a pool personn (I don’t actually swim in it), but I’ll probably need another swimsuit – eeks, the very thought of having to repeat that chore of trying on bathing suits – UGH!.  And of course, that means bikini wax, pedicure, eyebrow threading…..not sure when I’ll do all this.

Oh, and did I mention my birthday is coming up?  As in the big 5 – 0?!!  Yeppers.  Black don’t crack, but my back sure does.  I have been forewarned that there will be no additional gift other than this trip (you know what my ideal gift would be?  – a trip with a girlfriend sans hubbies and kids) but I’m just fine cause we’ll all be together.  This is odd for me to be so excited about a trip – I generally don’t get too excited about things until I’m actually THERE.  Usually I can’t really get excited until after all the packing and prep work is done and I’m actually getting off the plane. Considering all we’ve been through in the past few months, it just feels like so good to have something to look forward to.  And now that mum is doing better, I don’t have to feel guilty about going away.

I have even consumed a 6 pack of Corona this week to celebrate.  Screw the diet. Ola!ImageAnyone been there before, any recommendations or tips?


19 thoughts on “Gracias universe!

  1. Never been there, so have nothing to offer in terms of advice, but just want you to know that this post made me excited for you 🙂 You were practically jumping around the page.

  2. I have been there!!!! Remember the land of swallows? That was where we stayed! I loved it. I will send a separate email… And HOORAY. You so deserve to dig those toes in the sand and kick back. So much love to you.



  3. Hello – popped over from Stirrup Queens. You’ll have a great time and will feel safe the whole time, I am sure. Especially with a little one around… you’ll get great service and meet lovely people. However, when we were there, my husband went off on a very short walk on his own (10 minutes or so, off to a shop he’d seen something at earlier that he wanted to pick up, while Jack and I stayed at the restaurant). He came back and said he’d propositioned for drugs, or girls, or other less-family-oriented activities! Yet, he said they did back off relatively easily. He also said that NOTHING like that happened when Jack and I were with him, even if we were out of earshot. So, I guess sticking together is key.
    Also, if you can, head out to the ruins at Tulum, they are amazing. You should be able to book the tour through your resort.
    Hope you have a great trip!

    • We did not go the ruins as they were 3 hours away and that was not going to impress a cheeky 3 1/2 yr old. In fact, we didn’t do any tours at all, they would have been too much for our little boy to handle (who would have driven us nuts anyway). You were right, great service and great people!

  4. FANTASTIC! You will love it. You will be safe. (We’ve been to Cancun and of course hubby is from Mexico.) You deserve this! My advice would be to try new foods. Food actually made and served in Mexico is nothing like Mexican food in so called “authentic” restaurants anywhere else. Tacos al Pastor are some of my favorites. Try the salsas! Hint: if a salsa is too hot for you ask for cream to put in it. They will give you real cream (not the sour stuff) and if you mix a little in it will take the heat out of the salsa and be delicious too. The sun will be stronger than you realize so take lots of sunblock. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

    • I did not get to try the Tacos al Pastor, we only went into town once for dinner. We did have some great meal that I can’t remember the name, but it was steak in those hot stone things that was incredibly flavourful and delicious. They did come with tortillas. Not a fajita exactly, it was something else. Whatever it was, it was great. And I also had a chimichanga at the mexican restaurant in the resort that was NOTHING like any chimichanga I’ve ever had! Hubby had a burrito which he pronounced was also NOTHING like the usual ones we eat. And yes, hubby did get red despite using sunblock liberally but I saved him with some aloe vera gel I brought along. And this despite the cloudy weather.

  5. NICE!!

    The last two years, we’ve stayed in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and with kids? It’s heavenly!! Seriously. No cooking, no cleaning, day camp, lollying about and beautiful sunsets. I love it.

    Mexico seems very safe to me. We were in Ixtapa, and the locals could not have been more friendly and welcoming. It seems that the most dangerous areas are near the borders…

    Have an amazing time 🙂

  6. That sounds lovely! I’m very excited for you, though I’ve never been, so I certainly have no advice. Have an awesome time- post pics so I can live vicariously through you for a while!

  7. I went to an all-inclusive with my mom and sister and loooved it. Dying to get back with Hubby and Isaac…if only my husband would agree to fly! I know you’ll have a fantastic time!!!!

  8. We hit up Mexico when on a cruise so we were only there for a day but I agree with visiting Mayan ruins at Tulum if you are able and IF you are interested in history. It was hotter than hell and one of my kids was bored to death but I thought it was interesting and the beach below the ruins was AMAZING with rock cave like structures we climbed underneath….I felt like Indiana Jones momma.
    My friend did go and stay at an all inclusive and said the resort had “guards” on the beach at the borders of the hotel property to keep out any non-guest type people. They felt very safe and loved it. They were told by the hotel staff to not wander out and about on their own though but they said there was really no need to leave the resort as it had everything they wanted. I do remember her telling me that she did go on a shopping excursion that was set up by the concierge and they went in a van/bus as a group and it was fine. (I vividly remember seeing incredible poverty when we were on our bus riding to Tulum and thinking there much be so much resentment when they see the “wealthy” tourists gawking).
    I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  9. Sounds divine! Not sure how it may work with a little one, but Xel-ha was the highlight of our Cancun trip a few years back. Chichenitza (sp?) is also amazing but the tours are really long and we didn’t eat lunch until 2:30 the day we did it. Might be hard with an active kiddo.

    Have fun!

  10. Sounds like a great milestone birthday gift to me! 😉 I hope you have (had? are having?) a fabulous time!!! Dh has similar misgivings about Mexico (FIL & stepMIL knew the Ianneros, who were murdered in Cancun a few years ago), so we haven’t been, but we know tons of people who have been there (some to Playa del Carmen specifically) & loved it.

  11. Sounds awesome!! We just did our first All-incl trip this past spring and like you, we prefer to wander around locally rather than sit still. All we heard the 1 day we went into town was “when can we go back to the pool” so my advice is don’t plan a day-long adventure. Also, if you can, bring cheap water & beach toys and then just leave them behind if you want or pass them along to another family on your last day. Saves the hassle of trying to bring them home.
    You will love Mexico. My only experience in Playa was a day off a cruise ship (went to Tulum & Cozumel) but it has been a top re-visit destination for us ever since.
    Hope it’s a wonderful trip and a great birthday.

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