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Well, I’m back from my lovely holiday.  It was just wonderful and it did us all a world of good.  It was sooooo nice to not have to think about what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, never mind not having to make it or decide what to have. (That chocolate cake by the way, was the worst thing I have ever tasted, but it’s the thought, right? The strawberry tequila shooter made it much better) It was our first time staying at an all inclusive – and I have to say that with a 3 1/2 yr old – it was the right choice.  We put Boo in kids club and we then had a luxurious  couple of hours to sit and talk and drink.  We would have had more time if we had bothered to get up early and go for breakfast, but we never did.  The best part about being on holiday is sleeping in and taking your time.   There were activities in the evening that we all could enjoy (as loas he had a nap) and though we didn’t stay up late, we were quite tired at the end of a hot, humid day by the pool. I enjoyed 2 fabulous massages and a pedicure at the spa.  Hell, you’re only 50 once!  Amazing!  I can’t remember when my back didn’t hurt for that long.

And lo and behold, we actually used a sitter.  This is a rare occurrence with us. At home, it seems a little ridiculous to pay someone $50 and then go out for dinner and a movie – it ends up being a very expensive 4 hours out.  Hubby talked to another fellow at the pool who was just as paranoid as he is about babysitters and the guy reassured him. He was so relieved that I thought he would cry.   We hired a girl from the kids club and she came by so we could go out and celebrate my birthday in town.  Well, actually, the day of my birthday they were all busy, so we stayed at the resort, but the next night, we went into the town of Playa del Carmen for a great Mexican meal.  Don’t ask me what it was, but it was kind of like fajitas, but not.  We had steak cooked in a hot stone bowl with fresh cheese, and prickly pear, and other things and it was AMAZING! The sauce was amazing!  So good.  And a nice big fat Margarita with no SLUSH in it.    Nothing like the faux crap Mexican food you get here.  I never even eat Mexican food in a restaurant anymore because I am so sick of the cheese, ground beef and bean filled concoctions that are everywhere.  So this was a nice change.  We also had a long over due conversation.  Heated, intense, but long overdue.  Ultimately, we cleared the air and decided to choose to work on our marriage. To be grateful for all we have instead of what we don’t.  It feels good to look in his eyes and see that look, the softness around his eyes. For me.  Not just for our kid but for me.  The vulnerability instead of the anger and impatience.  He melted when I gave him his father’s day card.  I was taken aback honestly.  It had been so long that I had seen that side of him.  I almost believed it was unreachable.  CIMG1214CIMG1254


13 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. I have so much to say about this… So deep in my bones happy you had the chance to recharge, discuss, sit… And so happy we share a birthday week… Don’t worry I ate enough chocolate cake for both of us! Sending lots of love,


  2. I am so glad you had a good time! You deserve it! I, too, love real, authentic Mexican food, and it’s so hard to find up here. I admit, I’m a little jealous… must work harder on getting Hubby to go on a vacation in December….

  3. Ah, this does a reader’s heart good to hear what a successful trip you had. Good for the soul and the marriage, I’d say.

    Congrats and here is to continued softening and deeper love.

  4. So glad you all had such a fabulous time (but you especially!)!! You only turn 50 once, you might as well live it up. 😉 Hope the afterglow lingers for a long time.

  5. oh it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. and I’m so happy you had such a relaxing and lovely birthday! much much big love to you, mi amiga! xoxox

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