Remember when summer meant just relaxing and doing fun things?  Yep, that was when you were a kid and your parents had to work to pay for everything.  I could say I was bored and ride my bike with my friends out to some far off convenience store to enjoy an grape Lola.  In a valiant effort to cherish my vacation memories instead of thinking about all the things I have to get done in the next little while, I’ve been trying to stay as relaxed as I was when I lay on a lounger after my massage and watched hubby and kid in the ocean and just exhaled.  Okay, that’s not working.

I presently have 12 hours of transcribing to do, with more to follow, out of town friends to see, arrange a play reading though I haven’t had time to get to the downtown library to get the play and can’t even get it in this neighbourhood, the person who was hosting has cancelled, did I mention I haven’t READ the play, cast it, and then I have a Buddhist meeting tonight (can’t skip this one, I have to lead a song!) and no I haven’t seen my mum yet, I have a callback this morning, play date in the afternoon (did I mention I don’t really KNOW the song that well), I inadvertently offended a fellow Buddhist and tried to call her so I can speak to her but she hasn’t called me back, and I have another friend who thinks I’ve been trying to avoid her for 2 yrs even though she ONLY  contacts me via Facebook which is a horrible way to get a hold of me much less make arrangements to visit  (pick up the damn phone!). This is just life, really, not problems, but seriously, I REFUSE to have a meaningful conversation via email, Facebook or text unless you are OUT OF TOWN or DIFFERENT TIME ZONE.  I love making connections, walking, having coffee with people but when you are a stay at home mum, and your friends have demanding full time jobs and I have my child during the day, you don’t get to talk very often and at night, I rarely talk with anyone (cause I’m too tired or I’m working) and last time I looked I was in charge of cleaning, laundry, childcare, walking the dog, grocery shopping and cooking most meals.  I’d like to add getting your preschooler to eat anything other than snacks as one of the biggest time sucks in history.  Maybe I should hold a party and then you can’t really talk to any one person for long because you are busy entertaining. So if anyone has any suggestions on how I might handle this better, please let me know. And no, hubby does not want to hang out with her spouse.

I actually like being busy, but I hate the thought of letting people down, dropping one of the juggling balls in the air.  Nam myo ho renge kyo, breathing in the capacity to sail through this when all I want to do is go back to the beach.

2 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. My own sister messaged me via FB the other day. I was flabbergasted. Who does that?! My own sister, who has my phone number and email address, decided that FB was the optimal way to reach me? Ugh. Some days I want to quit FB, get rid of my smartphone, and even get an old landline phone for the house (except for the whole annoying telemarketer and political survey problem).
    I get the problem of spending meaningful time with others – one of my friends used to host “craft nights” once a week after the kiddos were in bed, where we’d all bring a project we were working on and sit on her living room rug and drink tea and chat. Not everyone brought a craft (I never did), and it was such a nice break from the week. The last time we threw a party, I prepped it all ahead of time – we did meat and veggies on skewers, so I marinated it all ahead and just skewered it up the morning of. Hubby cooked it on the grill, and the whole thing was so relaxing and fun. Way better than the normal scramble to cook and prepare party food.

    • I like the idea of craft night – except with my friends it might end up being drink night somehow….kidding. Sort of… that would be me. I will do the skewer thing though.

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