Archive | July 22, 2013

Not eating bonbons

I know those of you working from home (or outside the home) are all going to laugh at me.  We told you so, girl!  I just got a whole bunch of transcribing work from a client.  Basically, a 2 hour consumer research video takes about 3-4 hours to transcribe (I type everything people say – not 100% like a court stenographer, but as well as I can without the ahem, umms, and change your mind in the middle of a thought speech).  I’ve done about 13 of them so far.  This means it has taken me about 39 hours over the course of 10 days. Nights and weekends. I have a kid to shock and awe during the day, a dog to walk, auditions, try to arrange a play reading, attend Buddhist meetings, etc.  I have even brought my child over to a friend’s for a play date (30 min. drive away) and worked upstairs for 90 minutes until she had to leave.  I took one night off. And this week, I am working 3 nights doing more live notetaking, so unless I have some daylight hours, I won’t be able to finish the project before we go to the in-laws this weekend.  And oh, yeah, I’ve got another client. 

Good part about all of this is I rather like being terribly busy and I’m making a ton of money in a short period of time. 

Now my question is this – how the heck do you working women get anything done WITHOUT BEING CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED!?! And in particular those who work from home?!  I consider myself lucky if I get to have private bathroom time.   Hey, I’m not saying I didn’t take breaks of my own to eat or play ….spider solitaire or Candy Crush saga…or even a well deserved 30 minute break to watch part of an episode about a former scientologist on Brainwashed  – riveting!!!! … cause if I was working in an office, I’d get lunch or pee breaks, right? I’m pretty tired from a full day of mothering, driving to and fro and yes, making dinner, so I’m just about fried with working after the kidlet goes down and I can only get one  video done then or I’m up til 3am and that’s not going to happen. Hubby walks through the kitchen and starts talking to me despite me being plugged in and concentrating, the kid wants something, and can only be distracted with 18 minutes episodes of Spiderman and even the dog gets in the act by coming over and staring at me in that way that only a dog can do.

Bad part is – who the heck has time for laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping, errand running, and calling people?  Apparently, I still do. 

This is a bit of an introduction for me in the fall when I attempt to bring in more work for myself.  It’s solitary, dull work but I make incredible money doing it and I’ll be able to afford a regular babysitter instead of relying on my friends’ generosity.  It seems though that unless you are physically absent and unreachable, people and dogs don’t respect the fact that you’re BUSY. 

Yes, I did interview a 13 year old babysitter but she’s doing summer school til August!  That doesn’t really help me out at the moment, but it gives me hope we’ll get back those date nights people keep telling us we need.  And yes, I’m calling someone else today who is older and can actually drive herself home. 

I suppose it’s not much different for those women working f/t and then come home to do more work .And no, I’m not complaining hubby doesn’t do anything around the house, he certainly does, but I also notice that he also has a point in which he STOPS doing stuff. He falls asleep in bed  or on the couch and I still get up after finishing work and make sure the door is locked, tidy the plates that are still left around and let the dog out for a night pee. 

Oh, and guess what, I got another gig!  Low budget deal but it’s all good to me – and let’s face it – it’s a DAY OFF!

I’d also like to take this space to officially apologize to my mother who worked all day, came home, made dinner, did laundry, ironing  and had the audacity to wake me up by vacuuming early in the morning.  I was useless to you mum and I’m soooooo sorry.