Not bored

Hubby has been away up north for work.  He hasn’t been away since Boo was an infant, during the Winter Olympics.  What a difference!  It was WAY easier when he was a baby and I had to get up twice during the night to feed him compared to now when he is now waking me up in the morning running into my room demanding his ritualistic warm morning milk. Before I have had my ritualistic coffee.  Before, I could feed him, dress him, and put him in a stroller to go out for a  brisk  walk with the dog, then stop at McDonald’s for another cup of coffee before I returned home.  Ah, that was the life.  I remember being extremely bored.

My 3 1/2 year old protests as a matter of principle.  He protests breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Unless he’s with someone else in which case he eats whatever they’re having.  Sometimes he’s so busy chattering that I can dress him before he knows it, but mostly he wants to be involved in what he wears, which is no problem, but I’ve noticed he often drags out the whole process so I will be forced to engage with him longer and not move on to another matter.   Like my coffee, or making breakfast or getting washed and dressed myself.  None of which involve him.  I feel like a hostage.  He will often take 10 minutes to dress himself in my presence, stopping to play with toys or jump on his bed or contort himself into positions so I can’t wipe her nose.   If I say uh-huh, he will get upset and say, “I can’t hear uh-huh!!!” It has to be an actually word like “yes, Boo” or “oh, really, how interesting” otherwise he assumes I am not listening even when I am.

Oh, he used to crawl into bed with me in the mornings and he would watch cartoons as he had his milk and woke up slowly.  Then we would have our morning chat and cuddle.  Not now.  Now he hits the ground running, he’s not that interested in TV unless it’s a favourite program and if I say let’s have a chat, it’s more like jumping off the bed into the floor (no, Boo, someone is living downstairs and it’s very early) or kicking (by accident) my computer or trying to crawl behind me and hang off my side (right by a hot cup of coffee on the nightstand).

His dad left him 7 messages with pictures of them both to be read to him each morning.  So sweet! We talk about what daddy is doing and how many sleeps til he’s home again.  I ask him if he misses him, but he protests that he does not, even though I know he does. 

I enrolled him in a sports camp – 3 hours a day – after the long weekend cause I knew hubby would be away.  Of course, I got a gig and the 2nd day of filming was on one of those days, and I had to figure out how to cover that day.  With the dog,  we have a dog walker.  We buy a package of 10  2 hr adventure walks and use them when we know we’re going to be really busy.  They come by and pick her up and drop her off.  For Boo, it wasn’t so easy.  I asked my MIL to come over from the island, but that was too much for her with her husband working.  She has a dog, and she’d have to find someone to watch the dog (and bringing the dog on the ferry would mean she would have to sit in the dog area) and she’d have to come the night before and stay 2 days…. the older she gets the less flexible she is.  She suggested I bring Boo to her.  Ahem, not sure if she realized that would take about 6 hours out of my day to get him there and 6 hours to get him back.   The older I get, the less flexible I am. So I figured a sitter could take him part of the day, and a friend could take him the other half.  All of this was theoretical, because I have no control over my call time which would not be determined until the night before.  So my choices were designed around a guess of when my call time would be.  Not so easy.  Particularly with hubby second guessing and commenting on every choice and permutation and demanding to know what I was doing 2 days before he left.  Grrrrr!  I was hoping the sitter could take the car seat and bring him to his sports camp (which was expensive by the way so I wanted him to attend but she said due to a family emergency she couldn’t get the car).  In the end, my call time was 1pm, so I only needed the sitter for 2 hours (and somehow she had the car) before my friend could come get him for a sleepover with her boys.  His first overnight stay and I missed it!  Rats!

I had a great time on set, I got to meet V.alerie Harper –  which was amazing experience!  She is an incredible woman, so gracious and down to earth.  Vibrant and full of energy, and still beautiful.  A true theatre person who pulled everyone into her light. I only wish I could have spent more time with her.   She’s the type of person you would welcome into your humble home and she would help you set the table and chop the vegetables all the while entertaining you with funny stories.

We wrapped at 2am and by the time I got home, it was closer to 3.  Then I was up at 7:15, picked up my son and dropped him at his last day of sports camp.  Then I drove downtown to drop off some DVDs I had transcribed the week before, tried to get a pedicure, but I had to wait too long and wasted 30 minutes waiting then picked up a few grocery items and then arrived early to watch him race around a course that I would have been severely challenged to do.  (I can’t do bear crawls!) I realized I was so damn tired I should not have been driving in the first place.  When we got home, I begged him to let me nap on the couch, I was practically incoherent.  Hubby of course chose to call then and I could barely form a sentence but I struggled to let him know we were fine.  Then I caught a couple of zzzzs until the kid made me wake up.

It took me 3 days to realize I had forgotten my best friend’s birthday.  I was calling her about something else and she had to remind me.  What is that saying?i Epic fail!  So I baked her a gluten free chocolate cake with sprinkles and the kid and I showed up at her place with a dozen pink roses.  She also works from home, and yes, she gets constantly interrupted as well.

Oh yeah and I’m stage directing a huge Buddhist production at Queen Elizabeth theatre, so I’ve also been dealing with emails, conference calls and texts. 

And yes, I did get a pedicure and scratched it up walking the dog in a forest.

But I’m not bored.


5 thoughts on “Not bored

  1. Wow, you have been very busy. I’m tired just reading that post! I’m so glad you worked it out so that you were able to make your call time; how stressful that they don’t tell you when it will be until the night before! I hope the Buddhist production goes well. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    • Well, the obstacles have started – we call this sanshoshima – and that’s when we have to push through to make things happen and come together. We have an awesome group of people working together (working on this around their jobs, lives, etc) to support the youth.

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