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Kindergarten blues

I went to a kindergarten registration info session last night.  Oh, my stars.  Could there be any more SUVs in the parking lot?  No, don’t think so. Parents jammed the small theatre.   I had already filled out Boo’s registration and brought documents, but I didn’t need them.  I was hoping to talk in more detail about them to the school board registration staff, but there were too many people there.  I live in a particular catchment area with an elementary school that is okay but not one of the “preferred” ones if you know what I mean.  It’s a little sickening, but I now have to start thinking about which elementary school is a feeder school to a good high school.  I have two other choices that I can put down, but I will have to wait and see if I get those preferred choices on a space availability or lottery decision. Then there’s the French Immersion vs. English program.   Of course, I haven’t lived in any one spot recently to know much about the schools, but hubby has been asking one of his colleagues who have older kids and live on the Shore.  There’s also the Fraser Institute ranking, but you can’t rely solely on that either.  No wonder people are always racing the damn streets around here at school start and dismissal times.  They’re racing their kids to school.  Remember when you just went to the nearest school and nobody questioned it?  Not these days.  Oh, no.

Why, back in my day, you had to walk 30 minutes in -20 degree winters…..blah, blah, blah. My head hurts. I just want to feel like I’m not going anywhere for a while, and unfortunately, I don’t feel that way yet.

Fastest recovery ever

We made it through the night with no incident.  The steroid dose must have worked cause he slept peacefully last night. We left the window open, heat off, and a nebulizer with essential “respiration” oils to mist the air.  Not a wheezy peep out of him.  Of course, today is the day I was supposed to have chanting at my place cause he’s usually in preschool.  I had to cancel, but hopefully we’re back on next Wednesday. 

Boo is still coughing, but not that kind of barky cough, more like a cold.   And he’s back to whining and refusing all breakfast choices but cookies.   It’s bright and chilly out so hopefully we’ll go out for a bit for some fresh air.  He was supposed to have his class photo today and I was hoping I could convince him to go and then come back home, but he’s not going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.  I know he still needs rest and liquids (and cookies and popsicles apparently according to him)  but I always go squirrelly if I can’t get out of the house.  And now to fill the rest of our 8 hour day til Daddy gets home and asks me what’s for dinner. 

Of course I’m coughing now.

Broken back rockstar!

Yesterday was a bit strange for us.  Boo was pretty sleepy from his weekend and when I picked him up from preschool he was pretty hot.  No temperature but I kept checking because he was really sedate.   At home, he crept into our bed (with the sleeping dog) and actually had a nap. Voluntarily!   And I had to wake him up and carry him to the couch and feed him my home made kale and chickpea soup.  Okay, I had to bribe him cookies if he finished it, but he choked it down.  I figured he had picked up a virus.  So I set him up with some Spiderman videos in our bed and gave him juice and popcorn.  My child is NEVER that still unless he’s sick.  We had already arranged for a sitter  because we were going out that night. And I almost didn’t make it because two hours before we left, I got up off the couch to check on the prince, and my back spasmed.  I fell to my knees and just said ow!ow!ow! a lot. And then Boo mimicked me from down the hall.  Luckily my child is so caring, he came and rubbed my back.  When hubby got home, I sent him out for some back pills.  Ahem, I guess I paid for wearing high heels for 8 hours on the weekend. But make no mistake, I was going out! Boo seemed fine, ate all his spaghetti dinner, eager to show the sitter his Spiderman puzzle. 

We had time for a quick dinner at this great Malaysian restaurant.  Oh, man, a couple of mangotinis and a curry fish dinner and I was one happy mama. 

And then guess what?  Never mind, you won’t guess so I’ll just tell you.  Hubby and I went to the Pink concert!   Yay!  We’re huge fans and a friend of friend got great tickets and passed them on to my BFF, who ended up going on vacation a few days before.  So hubby got lucky and we got to go. Yep, rocking it out with a Thermacare wrap on my back (and flat boots).  Friggin hell, old, broken down me, don’t you dare laugh.  Can’t remember when I had so much fun!   I’d say most of the people there were over the age of 35.   It was just great; it’s so wonderful to see such a talented performer who actually sings live!  We know most of her songs and one in particular always makes me blubber.  This one always reminds me of my dearly departed dog, Sampson and my good friend, Dianna, who died about 5 months later.

And then for the last song, she performed Glitter in the Air while performing on silks.

We were home before 11:30 pm, we paid the sitter and then checked on Boo.  Sure enough he had a fever.  I just took off his fleece PJs, wiped him down with a warm cloth and changed him into a t-shirt and then gave him Advil.  Then I settled down in his room to make sure his temperature went down.  Later, he found his way back into our bed and pretty much kept us up with his heavy breathing.  Then early this morning, I heard that telltale little barky cough.

Yup, took him to the doc today.  Croup.  She prescribed a singular dose of steroid pills and then warned me I may be up all night with him for next few nights.  Next I was to leave the window open at night (or cool mist humidifier) and use popsicles to cool down coughing spasms.  I’m praying for the best and hoping that the medication will head off the worst and our foggy weather will take care of the rest.  Also, no school and no playdates for a while. Pray for me, cause Boo will just be fine no doubt about it with mummy to hand him popsicles and ice cream. (hack, hack, mummy, I’m sick.)

Nice move, Boo, try to make Mama feel guilty for having a little bit of fun!



Mama’s catching on

Another busy, busy week – 3 auditions and one callback. No, no gig yet.  I have to admit it’s soooo frustrating to have great parts to audition for and nothing happens and even when I get a smaller part, I can’t seem to get that nailed down either.  I was feeling disheartened for a bit, but shook it off.  I could really use the money, but it’s starting to feel like I’m playing the lottery.  I should be used to the rollercoaster that is called my acting life.  I keep hoping that my focus will improve but I need to make some changes – not sure how yet, but I think more chanting is needed here.   I think it’s the constant yo-yo affect.  One minute I’m a mother just trying to make it through the day and the next, I get an audition the night before and I have to suddenly switch gears.  I’m just not that jazzed about auditioning.  It’s a hectic interruption in my day which requires me to find out where I can leave my kid (usually at hubby’s office) which means I try to fit in prep between everything else and I run around like my hair’s on fire.  All for 15 seconds in a room.  And then drive in crazy traffic, text, text, text, and blah, blah, blah.   It’s like being told 99% of the time, no, you’re not the one.  It’s like you’re sitting on the couch in your sweats and then you get a call that the hottest guy in the world is coming to pick you up for an exciting date.  So you rush to the shower, shave your legs, pluck your eyebrows, put on your sexiest underwear, put on your makeup, dig out your expensive perfume, put on your best dress with all your great accessories….and he doesn’t show.  Again and again and again. You start to dread the phonecall, but you always go cause it could be Mr. Right.   You know people always comment how glamorous and exciting it is that I’m an actress.  Well, no, folks, it ain’t.  And it’s expensive.  Unless maybe you’re fill in the blank hot actress in Hollywood.  And then people give you free things all the time.

On the plus side, my almost 4 year old has stopped acting like a complete jackass. The other  night he told hubby he was the bestest dad in the world and then he turned to me and told me I was the bestest mama in the world.  Awwww.    Boo is also known as LD as in Little Dictator, cause he just loves telling me, no, I’m not wearing that, no, I don’t want to go there, no, I won’t eat that or that or that.( “Put on your socks, Boo.  No, you put them on.  I don’t know how.  Yes you do.  No, I don’t.  You do it.  You know how too, Boo, come on, we gotta go.  Nooooooo!!!!!!) With everyone else, he’s laidback and agreeable, but with me, he feels safe and secure to let me know the numerous things he will not do despite me asking or telling him 5-10 times in a row.  He demands a bath.  He demands milk.  He demands chips for breakfast.  He demands he won’t eat anything for breakfast.  I don’t want to yell all day long nor do I want to spend the day negotiating like I’m a hostage (though yes, at times, it feels like it).  What I have learned is that LD is defining who is is and he want to have a lot of say in what he wears and where he goes and what he eats.  So I let him wear what he wants within reason of course.  No shorts in cold weather, but he can always change into shorts when he comes home.  Even if that means he wears his Spiderman t-shirt 3 days in a row.  I just told him as long as it’s clean, he can wear it.  And you know, doesn’t the little mischief maker manage to keep it clean!   I got sick and tired of him telling me he doesn’t want lunch and instead I just call lunch “snacks” and cut up a bunch of stuff to make it look like snacks instead of a sandwich or a full meal.  He can “earn” popcorn and movies, if he picks up after himself or after a bit of “learning” time.  He’s learned that when I say I’ve had it, I mean it.  He is well aware of the naughty chair and a couple of months ago, sometimes he sat in it more than a few times in a week.  Yes, I had to drag him kicking and screaming a couple of times and I felt like the wicked witch of the east, but he knew I meant business and hasn’t repeated that dramatic behaviour.  I have to say that that whole Nanny 911 naughty chair business works extremely well.   And you can use a curb, the back of the car and the column in a store if need be.  I’ve caught on to his crocodile tears, but I know that look on his face when he is truly distraught.  I’ve realized that a bit of warm milk and goldfish puts him in a terrific mood when I pick him up at preschool and can buy me time if I need to run a couple of errands.  He adores having visitors or dropping by a friend’s place particularly if there is someone for him to play with.

It’s brutal trying to get Boo to eat meat, particularly chicken (even if I keep calling it turkey). Now I am cooking vegetarian meals for for all of us.  And you know what?  I like it.  I’m getting better at it.It’s all about the seasoning.

I had amazing day to myself today!  My prayers have been answered!!!!  Boo had an overnight stay with his little “cousins”  which saved us a ton in babysitting fees.  We had a wedding to go to mid afternoon and then it was on to the yacht club for the reception.  We thought for sure we’d stay out late and party but you know what?  About 9pm, we ran out of steam and just wanted to go home and go to bed.  We said our goodbyes, took a cab home and by the time I put my head on the pillow, I was out!!  I’m sure it had a lot to do with the many glasses of wine, but man, to sleep in til 9am was like I was on holiday.  We had an interrupted conversation in the morning.  And finished our coffees.  We got up to go get Boo and go meet some friends at a pumpkin patch but Boo pleaded to stay with his buddies, so hubby just dropped me back home and he hung out with Boo and his friends.  I crawled back into bed with a latte and a newspaper.  Heaven!!!!  And then I took a long, brisk walk in the woods with the dog and listened to a Buddhist podcast.  Then I took a shower and washed my hair. Read some Buddhist study material. OOOOH!  And finally, I cooked a dinner ahead of time because I had a Buddhist study meeting to attend.  Just followed a recipe and sliced and diced with music on.  With no interruptions.  I made kale and chickpea soup and also  black bean and corn burgers,  Hubby later said it was one of the best things I ever made!  Woohoo!  Can’t believe it!  And I had a lovely study meeting to boot!  I made a quick grocery store visit (of course) but made it home to put an exhausted Boo to bed and read him a couple of Spiderman stories.

I’d love to stay up late to savor the day, but the grind of the week will ensue shortly and Mama needs her rest. Mmmm, maybe I should go to bed at 7:30.  NOOOOOO!



Well, the Victory event at the Queen Elizabeth theatre is over!  Wow, 3 months to plan (errr…2 1/2 months really)  and we actually pulled it off!  Over 2500 guests and over 200 performers (not including backstage help)!  It went really, really well!  From visuals to music to videos, it all went wonderfully!  What an experience! By the time all the children joined the choir and the band on stage, the stage manager, youth producer and I were in tears. It was a wonderful, crazy, hectic, joyous day. 

It was a huge lesson in humility for me.  Over the past few weeks, it was increasingly apparent to me that I had no idea of how to direct a choir (65 people),band (37), dance group(90), plus speakers while simultaneously instructing a crew on sound, lighting, etc. I’ve  My confidence is based on my artistic (not technical) directing experience and I was overwhelmed.  So I just stepped back and watched A. execute the schedule from the time we arrived.  It’s hard for me to not want to control everything but it wasn’t about me but about supporting the youth.  I learned a lot!   She had written the schedule down to the minute and even she found out at the last moment that the theatre staff were not calling the cues, she was.  She had never done it before and I admired how she stepped up to the challenge.  I just acted as backup to the stage manager who was backing up the inexperienced assistant stage manager.  I did a lot of running around the downstairs dressing rooms trying to locate people, pepped up the emcees and things like that.  Just imagine stepping into a major civic theatre with  2 hours to figure out where everything was, explain to other people (all volunteers),talk to crew to figure out technical things, get performers dressed, set up with a projectionist, etc.  Truly, it was a team effort and meticulous planning that helped us to achieve victory.

Did I tell you I had a nasty cold for the past week?  Yup.  But just took cold medicine and soldiered on.  When I finally got home, my inlaws, hubby and Boo took me to Swiss Chalet to celebrate.  I had a big fat glass of wine, studied my lines (had a big audition the next day) and crashed about 9:30 (unheard of for me).