Well, the Victory event at the Queen Elizabeth theatre is over!  Wow, 3 months to plan (errr…2 1/2 months really)  and we actually pulled it off!  Over 2500 guests and over 200 performers (not including backstage help)!  It went really, really well!  From visuals to music to videos, it all went wonderfully!  What an experience! By the time all the children joined the choir and the band on stage, the stage manager, youth producer and I were in tears. It was a wonderful, crazy, hectic, joyous day. 

It was a huge lesson in humility for me.  Over the past few weeks, it was increasingly apparent to me that I had no idea of how to direct a choir (65 people),band (37), dance group(90), plus speakers while simultaneously instructing a crew on sound, lighting, etc. I’ve  My confidence is based on my artistic (not technical) directing experience and I was overwhelmed.  So I just stepped back and watched A. execute the schedule from the time we arrived.  It’s hard for me to not want to control everything but it wasn’t about me but about supporting the youth.  I learned a lot!   She had written the schedule down to the minute and even she found out at the last moment that the theatre staff were not calling the cues, she was.  She had never done it before and I admired how she stepped up to the challenge.  I just acted as backup to the stage manager who was backing up the inexperienced assistant stage manager.  I did a lot of running around the downstairs dressing rooms trying to locate people, pepped up the emcees and things like that.  Just imagine stepping into a major civic theatre with  2 hours to figure out where everything was, explain to other people (all volunteers),talk to crew to figure out technical things, get performers dressed, set up with a projectionist, etc.  Truly, it was a team effort and meticulous planning that helped us to achieve victory.

Did I tell you I had a nasty cold for the past week?  Yup.  But just took cold medicine and soldiered on.  When I finally got home, my inlaws, hubby and Boo took me to Swiss Chalet to celebrate.  I had a big fat glass of wine, studied my lines (had a big audition the next day) and crashed about 9:30 (unheard of for me). 


2 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. It feels like a million years since I’ve had a chance to sit down and read. So I spent Friday evening catching up on some old favorite blogs. And now I have a little time on Monday am to come back and say, hello! And congratulations on the performance. I hate it when you have that sudden realization that you may have bitten off more than you bargained for – but it sounds as if you didn’t. Hurray for a wonderful night. Good luck on your audition. And its so wonderful to read about Boo. See, I told you I am way, way behind.

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