Broken back rockstar!

Yesterday was a bit strange for us.  Boo was pretty sleepy from his weekend and when I picked him up from preschool he was pretty hot.  No temperature but I kept checking because he was really sedate.   At home, he crept into our bed (with the sleeping dog) and actually had a nap. Voluntarily!   And I had to wake him up and carry him to the couch and feed him my home made kale and chickpea soup.  Okay, I had to bribe him cookies if he finished it, but he choked it down.  I figured he had picked up a virus.  So I set him up with some Spiderman videos in our bed and gave him juice and popcorn.  My child is NEVER that still unless he’s sick.  We had already arranged for a sitter  because we were going out that night. And I almost didn’t make it because two hours before we left, I got up off the couch to check on the prince, and my back spasmed.  I fell to my knees and just said ow!ow!ow! a lot. And then Boo mimicked me from down the hall.  Luckily my child is so caring, he came and rubbed my back.  When hubby got home, I sent him out for some back pills.  Ahem, I guess I paid for wearing high heels for 8 hours on the weekend. But make no mistake, I was going out! Boo seemed fine, ate all his spaghetti dinner, eager to show the sitter his Spiderman puzzle. 

We had time for a quick dinner at this great Malaysian restaurant.  Oh, man, a couple of mangotinis and a curry fish dinner and I was one happy mama. 

And then guess what?  Never mind, you won’t guess so I’ll just tell you.  Hubby and I went to the Pink concert!   Yay!  We’re huge fans and a friend of friend got great tickets and passed them on to my BFF, who ended up going on vacation a few days before.  So hubby got lucky and we got to go. Yep, rocking it out with a Thermacare wrap on my back (and flat boots).  Friggin hell, old, broken down me, don’t you dare laugh.  Can’t remember when I had so much fun!   I’d say most of the people there were over the age of 35.   It was just great; it’s so wonderful to see such a talented performer who actually sings live!  We know most of her songs and one in particular always makes me blubber.  This one always reminds me of my dearly departed dog, Sampson and my good friend, Dianna, who died about 5 months later.

And then for the last song, she performed Glitter in the Air while performing on silks.

We were home before 11:30 pm, we paid the sitter and then checked on Boo.  Sure enough he had a fever.  I just took off his fleece PJs, wiped him down with a warm cloth and changed him into a t-shirt and then gave him Advil.  Then I settled down in his room to make sure his temperature went down.  Later, he found his way back into our bed and pretty much kept us up with his heavy breathing.  Then early this morning, I heard that telltale little barky cough.

Yup, took him to the doc today.  Croup.  She prescribed a singular dose of steroid pills and then warned me I may be up all night with him for next few nights.  Next I was to leave the window open at night (or cool mist humidifier) and use popsicles to cool down coughing spasms.  I’m praying for the best and hoping that the medication will head off the worst and our foggy weather will take care of the rest.  Also, no school and no playdates for a while. Pray for me, cause Boo will just be fine no doubt about it with mummy to hand him popsicles and ice cream. (hack, hack, mummy, I’m sick.)

Nice move, Boo, try to make Mama feel guilty for having a little bit of fun!



9 thoughts on “Broken back rockstar!

  1. oh the croup sucks. J had it as an infant and it was horrible. hope he doesn’t get it so bad. sounds like you already got the good meds. sitting in a hot steamy shower/by the bath was the only other thing that helped.

    I’d love to see Pink! a friend just took her mom and I was surprised to hear the crowd was older here too. who knew? fun night out! sorry about your back though. blah!

    • I’d have to say I hadn’t had that much fun in ages! It was nice to share some fun with hubby for a change. My back is still bothering me so I’m going to find a chiro on this side of the bridge.

  2. I’m so glad you had such a great time! Flat heels and all… they weren’t clogs were they? So sorry to hear about boo and croup. Zoe had that earlier in the fall and we ended up catching it later than you and had a midnight visit to get those steroids. I had her sleep under a humidifier basically… Put on so high that it made everything wet. Propped her up with pillows. I was also told that in the midst of a coughing fit if you can’t get outside in cold air you can have them breathe in the open door of the freezer. That seemed to help her too.

    I hope it passes quickly… It’s usually two nights that are the worst. The steroids will probably save you from the worst of it. Love you guys and thinking of you. XOXO

    • Had they been clogs, my dear, they would have been on stumps. The pediatrician said she had seen about 10 cases of croup so far. Luckily, Boo seems to be over it already and let’s hope we have another peaceful night.

  3. Boo to croup.
    But yay to P!nk! We were there too – I scooped tix from a client and it was well worth the 2 months of nagging him to get them. I have never seen a concert where the performer looks like they are having so much fun. I described it to DH as a cross between a rock concert and Cirque. Too incredible to even begin to describe. Glad you had fun!!

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