Fastest recovery ever

We made it through the night with no incident.  The steroid dose must have worked cause he slept peacefully last night. We left the window open, heat off, and a nebulizer with essential “respiration” oils to mist the air.  Not a wheezy peep out of him.  Of course, today is the day I was supposed to have chanting at my place cause he’s usually in preschool.  I had to cancel, but hopefully we’re back on next Wednesday. 

Boo is still coughing, but not that kind of barky cough, more like a cold.   And he’s back to whining and refusing all breakfast choices but cookies.   It’s bright and chilly out so hopefully we’ll go out for a bit for some fresh air.  He was supposed to have his class photo today and I was hoping I could convince him to go and then come back home, but he’s not going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.  I know he still needs rest and liquids (and cookies and popsicles apparently according to him)  but I always go squirrelly if I can’t get out of the house.  And now to fill the rest of our 8 hour day til Daddy gets home and asks me what’s for dinner. 

Of course I’m coughing now.

5 thoughts on “Fastest recovery ever

  1. So glad he’s feeling a bit better!
    I don’t know what’s going on in your area, but there’s a nasty bug going around here that just keeps holding on- my daughter has been coughing for weeks. Hopefully you don’t end up in the same boat!

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