Kindergarten blues

I went to a kindergarten registration info session last night.  Oh, my stars.  Could there be any more SUVs in the parking lot?  No, don’t think so. Parents jammed the small theatre.   I had already filled out Boo’s registration and brought documents, but I didn’t need them.  I was hoping to talk in more detail about them to the school board registration staff, but there were too many people there.  I live in a particular catchment area with an elementary school that is okay but not one of the “preferred” ones if you know what I mean.  It’s a little sickening, but I now have to start thinking about which elementary school is a feeder school to a good high school.  I have two other choices that I can put down, but I will have to wait and see if I get those preferred choices on a space availability or lottery decision. Then there’s the French Immersion vs. English program.   Of course, I haven’t lived in any one spot recently to know much about the schools, but hubby has been asking one of his colleagues who have older kids and live on the Shore.  There’s also the Fraser Institute ranking, but you can’t rely solely on that either.  No wonder people are always racing the damn streets around here at school start and dismissal times.  They’re racing their kids to school.  Remember when you just went to the nearest school and nobody questioned it?  Not these days.  Oh, no.

Why, back in my day, you had to walk 30 minutes in -20 degree winters…..blah, blah, blah. My head hurts. I just want to feel like I’m not going anywhere for a while, and unfortunately, I don’t feel that way yet.

3 thoughts on “Kindergarten blues

  1. It sounds like you guys do it very differently from down here. We just have our neighbourhood school until 4th grade. Or you could go to private. But you can’t choose your public until 4th. And even then, only a few kids get into those GT schools.

    • And we also have International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program as well – 2 schools have that. Sounds fancy. “It’s about preparing students to be active participants in a lifelong journey of learning” – whatever the hell that means. Yes, I’m still talking about kindergarten NEXT YEAR!

  2. Whatever school you choose, make sure it’s one that suits your child’s personality. My daughter goes to a ‘preferred’ school, but she is a free spirit in a school with a fairly rigid curriculum. I think she would be better suited to a more Montessori- like curriculum- at least for now. I’m giving it the year to see if she adapts, but if not, we’ll be looking at other options. It’s such a tough choice, and even when you think you’re making the right decision, your child may not settle in to the environment very well. Good luck with it!

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