New stories of infertility struggles

Just wanted spread the news about an infertility project is in the making by Rebekah South who is going to write a book about the goofy things that people say to those struggling through infertility and give people insight as to what it’s really like. Go to her site and if you’d like to contribute an experience or anything else, please do so. 

My infertility experience is in the past,(not forgotten, but I’ve moved on), but I can’t really contribute anything she hasn’t already heard before.  I’m more in the crowd of what not to say to an adoptive parent.  Yep, those things are still fresh in my memory.  Now if she’d like to say how to write about about fluctuating hormones of a perimenopausal woman and raising a smart mouthed 4 year old……now then I’d have something to say!

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