Alright, universe, let’s have a little chat.

I just had more auditions and callbacks in the last 2 weeks than I have in a year.  And not one booking.  Not even for the one liner.  I need a hit, baby, I need a hit.  Christmas is coming and I need someone to do my makeup and put me in clothes I hate so I can do what I love.  And get paid, cause if I do what I love, I will be successful, right??????   It’s so frustrating to do auditions for such great parts and not get them!  I did find out that a dear friend of mine did get a part I auditioned for.  Though supposedly written for a tall, black woman (that’s me! that’s me!) they went Asian.  Apparently they couldn’t have 2 black women together in the same scene. I just need something to give me a little ego lift every now and then.  Something new to talk about that has nothing to do with my kid.  I’m jonesing to spend money on myself.  Some fancy makeup or shoes or a leather purse.   It’s a bit of an effort to not look like a hobo these days.  I look like I have a dead squirrel on my head.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t get  a part.

I’m hoping to get away with my BFF to the Whistler Film Festival for a night of fun!  Being a film festival, there will be lots of beautiful but casually dressed people (it’s Whistler after all), but I know to expect the blank stares when I get introduced and I’m currently not starring in or producing a film.  One hopes that this is where the free booze comes in.

And now back to regular life.  Toured the local elementary school with dozens of other parents and doing another one today.  Somehow I’m supposed to figure out where the best place for my son to enjoy his early years in education through these things.  I just talked to another friend tell me about where her sons go to school – one that is currently undergoing construction so the info session is at an alternate site. She seemed quite happy about it, but of course, it’s out of our catchment area so who knows if we’ll get in.

Good news is that I woke up NOT in pain!  Seems like the latest session of IMS (intra muscular stimulations) has finally worked!  I’ve had a fair amount of hip, pain lately which has made me SEVERELY CRABBY. And my darling almost 4 year old has turned off the nasty cheekiness of the summer behaviour and is back to being a delightful child. I can tell he’s bored silly and needs more friends to do things with but everyone we know is in school or daycare.  He’s recently boycotted taking the dog for a walk which means Mean Mama or Bargaining Mama has to pay a visit.  I don’t want him watching TV all day while I try to write posts or catch up with housework.  We’re off to figure out something. He wants pretzels, so we’ll see what he’s willing to do for them…..

3 thoughts on “Restless

  1. My daughter has been an absolute delight since she started school. Like your son, she needs to be constantly engaged, and I just can’t provide her with enough variety to keep the demons from rearing their ugly heads. I’ve very afraid of Christmas holidays- what on earth am I going to do with her???

    I’m sorry your auditions didn’t pan out. That has to be tough. 😦

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