Archive | November 28, 2013

Sweet spot

Well, my baby turned 4 on Monday!  We had a party for him on Sunday at a friend’s place because they had an amenities room and a bouncy castle!  And it was free! I was kinda hoping to find a children’s entertainer if I didn’t have to pay for a room, ie. Spiderman, but there were none to be had in this city. (Yes, I have peers who hire entertainers and face painters for their 4 year olds. Oh, the pressure.  )  He has been Spiderman obsessed for years, and I thought it would be fantastic.  4 is such a magical age and they believe in just about anything, how cool would it have been to have Spiderman come in the front door! All he really needed  though was his friends and a cake.  So I found a Safeway to make a Spiderman cake.  It was cool – they had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes under all the icing! Boo cakeI decorated with red and blue balloons, and picked up Spiderman themed table cloth, Spiderman pinata, birthday banner, goodie bags, cups and napkins at Walmart and dollar stores.  If you want to know how to plan a birthday party for 9 adults and 5 kids (and I had planned for 20 total) for $120, including food and booze, let me know.

Unfortunately his two little “cousins” could not make it. One of them had the chicken pox and so they were both in quarantine at home.  And another little friend who we thought couldn’t make it due to fever made a recovery and made it after all.  It’s at this age, that we have really noticed the gender split happening.  Girls are into fairies and princesses and boys are into running around and well, running around.  If I wanted a fairy princess to show up, apparently there are lots of choices in the Lower Mainland.  Superheroes? Nada!  And yes, I considered getting a Spiderman costume and convincing a friend to wear it but really they’d have to be prepared to role play and have a program for an hour with kids.  Not for the inexperienced.  We played musical pillows, yes, there were tears upon losing, but that was resolved with a private chat with Daddy and Boo presented his friend with a special Spiderman sticker.  The pinata was also popular and brought out the competitiveness of the 8 year old  girl attending who sought to get all the goodies.  Her dad lifted her upside down and shook out her loot.  My friends are awesome parents, eh?  Inflating and deflating the bouncy castle with the kids inside was a hoot and so was the wine for the mummies.  Well, maybe just for me, my friend and mother in law.  This is one of the benefits of having a private place to hold a party.  Boo had so much fun.  All he wanted was to have his friends there and have cake.

As usual, I did all the shopping and planning but my dear mother in law came over early enough to help me get everything together.  I shall not be stopped in my yearly quest to give my child a party.  I think it’s because my mum always made sure we had a party for our birthdays and always made a fuss.  Hubby doesn’t see the big deal about it but that’s because he doesn’t particularly care for attention on his birthday.  I, however, appreciate lavish attention on any occasion.  If I were rich, I would end up on that Party Mama show where the obnoxious mum hires a circus for her 2 year old in her huge backyard.  Well, maybe not…..

Sigh.  What I would do to put see my Boo smile!