Haha, my wish to be alone for 24 hours is about to come true!  Thanks to my MIL for aiding and abetting me.  But first I am going to the Whistler Film Festival for 24 hours with my BFF to drink  see some films.  While she is networking (she’s a producer) and dragging me with her while people ignore me (this is show business, after all), I’m probably going to try and not look too awkward and find someone to talk to and have a drink. Not too many, of course, as I loathe to feel nauseous and waste time feeling like crap.  I will also endeavour to wear high heels and not put my back out.  Then will we come home tomorrow and hubby and Boo will be on the island visiting sweet mother in law and I shall be blessedly alone.  I have finished a major portion of a transcribing job, so I can afford to take some time off before completing the remainder for next week.  I will most likely clean the house and sort stuff and enjoy things staying in place.  Or do nothing.  See ya later!  Squeeeee!


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