Mama’s day out

The drive to Whistler was amazing.  The view was stunning, it was sunny and cold and dry.  And somehow no traffic!  I had a fantastic time in Whistler.  It was freezing!  Minus 8, I believe.  Not used to that kind of cold, but I was wearing my slammin’ Sorels and my winter coat.   No, we didn’t see any movies. Yes, we drank a little.  Well, okay a lot.  And boy did we talk!  Eventually we made it to a film festival, in high heels and fancy dress only to find out that everybody else ignored the format attire part.  Figures, typical West Coasters.  The party was jammed pack and loud and sadly we just wanted to go back to our hotel room and lay down. I think the day’s tally ended up like 6 Cosmos, a bottle of red wine, 6 Moscow Mules and a nightcap of champagne and wine (well, half a glass cause someone managed to knock it over…like I said it was packed! And one sore toe from my friend stepping on my foot with her spiked heel – OWWW.) We’re old ladies now who dream of a comfy quiet bed, so we left.  And enjoyed a glorious sleep in.  I got up at 9:20 I believe, made a coffee and climbed back into bed til 10.  Then we called for a late check out and lay about and chatted some more.

I called hubby and found out that they DIDN’T go the island as promised, apparently the in-laws were having some “issues” so I would be returning to my job when I got home.  I think I wept a little.  Eventually we went for breakfast with Bailey’s and hot chocolate determined to drag out our furlough.  I splurged at L’Occitane and bought one shea butter hand creme and girlfriend ended up making the salesgirl’s quota I think.  Then off to Starbucks to pick up a hot drink for the road.  We ran into fellow actors with a new babe (awwww), I smashed a mug with my giant purse (in my defense, it was jammed with a stroller and kitted out skiers and the display was ill-placed), but I made it out without paying for it.  It was a very expensive weekend, of course, so I think that was my Christmas gift.

Still, as we watched the sun set as we drove home, I realized how grateful I was for our little getaway, our friendship, our connection.

Then I came home to a dark house.  The boys were hiding in the play tent – surprise! Welcome, home, honey and then hubby announced he was off to Bowen Island to see his buddy and poof!  he was gone. Barely made it through 24 hours, eh, hon?


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