Working actor

Just a quick one to let you know that I actually booked a gig off of tape.  That has NEVER happened to me before.  EVER! No callback, no director session, no drama about being on a shortlist.   I went in for an audition on Tuesday, was perfectly blase about it, even wore my glasses, had my sides (script) in my hand and did one take and pretty much walked out.   Even the casting director apologized for calling me in for a no liner part the previous week.  I had gone because let’s face it,  Christmas was coming.  She said that had never occurred to her.  Ahem, woman, yes actors actually get desperate, suck up their pride and go in for stuff they wouldn’t normally go in for because they need to pay a bill or buy their kid something nice for Christmas. I chatted with some acting colleagues of mine outside about the vagaries of this business and had a laugh. Next day my agent called me and said I booked.  I’m like what?  What?!!!  Then I had a wardrobe call yesterday (oh to wear designer clothes that they actually will tailor for me, oh, bliss) and I’m on set today!  And here’s the kicker – it’s network TV!!!!  Which means I am actually going to be making BIG MONEY!  As in the kind of money I used to earn back in the day when this city was flooded with work.  Mind you, it’s just one day, I won’t be wearing Manolo’s anytime soon, but  I’m THRILLED!  And if you still watch this particular network TV, and I don’t get cut out, you will actually get to see me. 

Now, if you only knew what high profile TV show was….I’ll tell you once I get through the day…..


7 thoughts on “Working actor

  1. Congratulations! That is super exciting :). Man, do some people really not realize that normal folks might need a little extra money around the holidays??
    I want to see you on TV, yay!

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