The Day After

Christmas is one week away, and surprisingly I’m feeling pretty good.  Physically, that’s another question, but let’s stick with the good stuff.  I feel like a working actor, which is pretty darn good.

Okay, I won’t tease you with making you guess, the show that I was on is A.lmost Human.  Now, there’s no guarantee my face will actually make it onscreen of course, I know I didn’t get a closeup, but the way it was shot was a little different than I’m used to.  It’s the last episode of the season I think about a serial killer.  I have nothing to do with that, my character interviews the lead guy, the android and the captain.  We were on set for hours and I had to ask for orange juice to be brought to me cause my blood sugars were diving.  It was a lot of fun, though.  I ended up knowing a lot of people there so there were lots of hugs and kisses for me.  One of the guys who plays one of the regular MX’s was in a workshop with me years ago (when my career was more active) and it was great to see him.  And then a background performer who had actually did a stunt for me (bungee jumping off a bridge) was there.  It was like old home week.  I was just thrilled to be working on such a professional, well run set.  The crew were amazing, the director was fantastic, and being around enthusiastic actors just lifted my heart and attitude.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to just relax, be in the moment and enjoy myself because I’m so bitter I don’t get to work as often as I would like.  That day, I could remember what it was like to be connected with my colleagues just enjoying what we do and having a laugh.  I miss that feeling, that camaraderie of being involved in a creative project together.  Even getting my makeup and hair done, people running over to fuss of my lipstick, my hair before the cameras roll.  That just for one day, it was all about me and what I do.  And that was okay. It made the day after shooting so much better.  I was relaxed and reminded of what I could do.  Not worried about how much or what food my kid will eat, the state of the house, the laundry, the dog, the bank account, my dog hair covered Lululemon’s, but just me, the actor.  And soon, I get to do it again.



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