A gift from my mum

My best Christmas gift?  This, from my mum.  Mum has advanced dementia and has been in a home for almost 10 years and according to doctors should have died earlier this year.  I have watched her lose her ability to walk, to read, form sentences, eat solid food, month after month, year after year.  Lately, she’s been a surprise for everyone, holding fairly coherent interactions and remembering people’s names.  I went to see her this week and this is what I found.  A leisure services person explained how hard she worked to give this to me. It wasn’t that long ago she was in hospital jabbering nonsensically and yelling. 



It says: to Angela, love you, fr your mum. She’s still with me, knows me.  Not that I ever had a doubt, but still…this means so much to me.  Thanks, Mum. 

I wept. 




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