Archive | March 19, 2014

Who, me?

Three  gigs in one month!   This is a record for me!  I suspect our falling dollar has something to do with why it’s so busy around here, but I’m auditioning like crazy.  The upside is that I have felt more and more like my old, confident, creative self.  The bad side is that I’ve felt more and more like my old self-loathing, insecure self.

Yet unlike my old self, I have figured this out in record time and interrupted those old tapes.  A couple weeks ago, I got a call from my agent saying this production wanted to know if I would do a no liner part playing the great grandma in a flashback scene.  Obviously I did not get the part I auditioned for.  My ego was hurting and I was bummed about that but what the heck, here was an opportunity to make some good money.  I had to seriously change my attitude and chant to raise my life condition.  In the end, it was really fun to be made up in the 1960’s style, the crew was nice, I had a great talk with a fellow colleague, I smiled and had a great time.  Seriously, I made a ridiculous amount of money for what was 30 minutes of work.

Yesterday I completed one day on a new series for Hallmark.  Sorry, can’t tell you about it.   First good sign, I didn’t have to drive an hour out of town to the production’s usual location, I was only 20 minutes away!   When I arrived on set, I went to the “honeywagon” (trailers) to look for my character’s name on the door.  I didn’t see it.  Perhaps I had arrived too early or they had a lot of cast on set? The AD ushered me to a “star” trailer.  Oooh, I was so excited, it was so nice and big and warm.  Now this is more like it!  There was an electric fireplace, a table and chair and a sofa, a make up area and a closet to hold my wardrobe.  Oooh, an Ipod player and TV.  The bathroom had a shower and a nice glass bowl for the sink.   I enjoyed it for all of 1 hr and 15 minutes before he had to take me back to the honeywagon trailers cause the producers wanted to hold a meeting in there.  The usual trailers are tiny room with a padded bench and crappy toilet and sink in a 2ft closet.  Oh, well, at least I had my lunch on an actual table instead of my lap and so I just settled in and read my book.  Now I could have gone from Heaven to Hell and bemoaned my trailer fate (see previous post) but I just laughed to myself.  Really, I was still happy that I had time to even READ A BOOK and I enjoyed reading hubby’s texts about what he and Boo were up to.  I’m lucky that hubby can even take time out of the office to take care of our son.  I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful, well known Canadian female director and the stars were Canadian and they were gracious and funny.   I made sure that everything that came out of my mouth was kind and positive.  I realized that I was fortunate to have parts that were not that big so I could relax, do my thing and not put a lot of pressure on myself.  I could get comfortable on sets, watch other actors, stay present and be aware of my surroundings.  In the past, I’ve learned that I can become easily distracted by my environment and stop listening.  Perhaps I’m getting warmed up for bigger things in the future?  We’ll see!

For the next two nights I’m working on a feature film – I’ve got one line and I don’t know how I managed to get 3 days out of this, but whatever, I’m thrilled.