A Simple Day Off

The in-laws came over last Thursday before so we could go out for an evening to hubby’s work party.  We went out for drinks and appies then took a cab over to his colleagues and proceeded to drink more and play Wii Dance Party.  That’s an awesome game by the way and I really enjoyed myself.  I won a game!  You can tell his industry has been downsized quite a bit.  We used to have these parties in fancy restaurants or bars but now it was in someone’s home.  Mind you, this was in a beautifully renovated heritage home with food from Whole Foods, but still. I think those days of private dining rooms in swank restaurants are over.  Hubby’s mood in regard to work is quite dark and once again, we’re headed for uncertain waters.  He used to ask me what kind of luxury car I would like and now we’re praying our 13 year old vehicle doesn’t break down.  He’s moved on to creating new paths but I can understand his frustration.  Just when it seemed we were getting ahead, being able to help our families and keep up with the Jones’s, it seems like we’re starting all over again and watching the Jones’s go on their 3rd vacation for the year from our living room window.

It’s vital to me that I concentrate on creating happiness in my heart and my home.  It’s been a struggle, but I’m really paying attention to my Buddhist study and my practice.  Now is the time for wisdom and compassion and perseverance.  Now if I can just get that wicked Gemini side of me that wants to drink wine and sit on a patio and eat french fries to just pay attention.

I did have a wonderful Mother’s Day after all.  I usually feel a little odd about it.  In one sense, I just love any excuse to celebrate and be pampered.  Who doesn’t?  A day I don’t have to cook or do dishes, yippee!    In another, I think about Boo’s birthmother all day.  This year, I did not send flowers.    And then of course, there’s the horrible pissed off feeling that my mum is wheelchair bound in a home with dementia and can’t hang out with me. I usually get a fancy brunch and gift certificates to spas or little treats or something. This year, hubby made me and his mum breakfast and we all enjoyed pancakes with sausage and bacon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  And mimosas!  I got a homemade card from Boo that his daddy helped him make.  And then later, we all went to see Mum.  At first, she was pretty agitated with all the company.  I was trying to get her to talk to my sister via gmail chat and she just couldn’t concentrate on her image and her voice was getting more and more strident.  I had to ask everyone to move out of her line of sight just so I could talk to her without her being distracted.  Then we  took her out and she completely quieted down and we hung out on the patio at Starbucks.  Now it’s downtown and quite busy, motorcycles roaring by, but she wasn’t overwhelmed at all.  Back when we lived downtown and before Boo, hubby and my mum would sit there all the time watching the girls go by.  Nice memories.  She tried to take part in our conversation and she even took part in a balloon toss around the circle with Boo.  It really lifted my heart.

Then after taking her back to the home, we stopped by my friend’s place for chilled rose and cheese & crackers.  I would have liked to stay longer, but you know how older people are, they’ve got to get back to their dog and if you don’t tell them the schedule a week in advance, they get antsy.   (It’s a trait that hubby inherited.  That’s why whenever we do anything together, there has to be an itinerary and if I don’t tell him ahead of time where I need or want to go, it just doesn’t happen. “Who’s going to be there, when does it start, what exactly are we supposed to be doing?”) They need to know when something starts, how long will we be there, etc.  My girlfriend and I can do the let’s get together later and be okay with not knowing a start or end time.  We came home and ordered pizza for dinner and I have to admit, I was sad the day was over.  Boo just had a blast with his grandparents, and it was nice to have another woman in the house to back me up.


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