That’s what friends are for

Well compared to last year, this year`s birthday was a little underwhelming.  The day progressed as any other day would.  My friend of 40 plus years sent me flowers.  Yay!  Oh, such a delight to receive flowers.  It`s just an awesome feeling.  Hubby had been texting me on and off all day about some other matter and finally I had to remind him that he hadn`t wished me a happy birthday.  He has been very busy taking a course, and he was overwhelmed to say the least, so I wasn`t all that upset.  I had already lowered my expectations, so the wave of Facebook birthday greetings was going to have to do.  I had also helped out a preschool mum friend by taking her kid and so I had two crazy boys in my house and so really, the day had that feeling of WHATEVER.  Hubby came home with a huge bouquet of flowers which almost made up for the rather humdrum day.  But not quite.  I like being made a fuss over on my birthday.  My kid sang happy birthday to me and blew snot out of his nose.  Who could ask for more?  We did dash out to White Spot for dinner, hubby as usual never announces it’s my birthday to waitstaff, and for the first time ever, I couldn’t be bothered.  I’m always willing to choke down a free dessert.  But I’m on a diet, right?   I settled in for a nice, big glass of pinot grigio and fried chicken. 

My dear friend however did the most spectacular thing for me on the weekend, however.  She took me to a spa for an incredible pedicure.  Now I know she had something like that planned, she told me to meet her at her place and to bring flip flops.  I thought oh, goodie, we’re going to a local place for a pedicure.  Oh, no, we took a cab to the spa in the Georgia Hotel.  Omigod, fancy schmancy!   We waited for our estheticians with hot tea and water in the coziest chairs ever with hot neck wraps and hot towels.   We reclined in zero gravity chairs together and enjoyed waterless pedicures with ginger salt scrubs and creamed honey leg treatments.  Oh, yes, a glass of prosecco for me and handmade chocolate and turkish delight on sticks.  We blabbed and blabbed.  It was delightful!  We hung out for an eternity in the lounge reading magazines in peace and quiet.  I would have liked to lie down for a nap.  Then we finally roused ourselves (and our delightfully painted and pampered toes) and walked to a local izakaya for my favourite lemon drop martinis and half price japanese tapas.  Heaven!  We blabbed and blabbed.  Then we moved to a tea place and had mango roobois lattes and blabbed and blabbed.  Okay, we had a lot of talk to get out.  We laughed, we cried, we consoled, we encouraged one another. 

She made me feel really special when I was feeling most unspecial.  That’s a true friend.  So thanks for the beautiful flowers from one of my oldest friends that made me smile when I thought I had been forgotten and thanks to my Buddhist friend, who just knows how to lift my spirit with the touch of glamour she knows I love. 


7 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for

  1. I am way behind in my blog reading and commenting but have saved this for 30 days and finally read it today. My sincere happy birthday wishes are no less genuine and I hope that by leaving them this late, they carry the spirit of your birthday with you a little longer.

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