My new ride!

Just to make life even more interesting, our car died.  Technically, it’s an alternator issue.  We have a Mazda Tribute with a Ford engine which means you practically have to disassemble the freaking car to replace the alternator so the cost is about $400.  There are other issues wrong with the car so we’re really looking at putting $1500 in to put the car safely back on the road.  We have decided that we don’t want to throw any more money into the pit.  The car isn’t worth $1500.  Luckily, our friend has given us the use of his vehicle for as long as we need.  I have sat in his vehicle precisely once before actually driving it.  I can’t even parallel park it.  It’s a Ford 150 Harley Davidson pickup.  Yup.  I drove it to set.  Straight highway driving and then parked it in a huge gravel lot!  F150-Harley-Saleen-Supercharged.02It’s not really my cup of tea but when it’s free, I’ll take it.  Yes, it holds 1 booster seat and 1 dog (rather awkwardly) but it’s been about a week and I’m afraid between the dog hair and the kid crap, hubby’s dear friend won’t want it back.  We’re also experiencing a heatwave and with its leather seats and black interior, it’s friggin’ hot.  I plan on using the air conditioning on long drives.

I’m going to need another gig…or 10.




4 thoughts on “My new ride!

  1. That’s a big truck! G always has a complex about his Toyota Tacoma with a short bed. He feels like it’s not “manly “enough. He wants to get a Ford F1 50. Yikes !

  2. I’ve seen bigger – haha! It’s not my style, but I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m just a tad terrified of driving it, particularly around our neighbourhood.

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