Gin & Tonic summer

So not too much to say, other than I think I’m so hormonally challenged, I’m going crazy.  Crazy mood swings, my middle section ever increasing and if I could manage it, I’d lock myself in with cartons of Haagen Daaz salted caramel gelato.  I’ve been keeping busy, taking Boo and Juju out here and there.  Yes, even to a pool.  Long, summer, hot days…… Boo and I biking along Spanish Banks, hanging out at the watering hole in Lynn Valley, walking at the rocky waterfront, yelling at the dog to stop eating seaweed.  Ah, summer.  Wishing I had more energy…or more cold beer…desperately pushing the cranky back so I can enjoy my kid and this delicious summer.

I’m going to a naturopath tomorrow.  Can I tell you how much I hate naturopaths?  About as much as I hate doctors.  We do have insurance for it so thank goodness for that. I’m going cause if I go to my family doctor I kinda know what she’s going to say, lose weight, exercise, your cholesterol is going up and you’re going to get diabetes if you’re not careful.  That I already know.  And then if I bring up my crappy, irritable mood  that makes me not want to do anything, she’ll start the talk about anti-depressants.  She wouldn’t be wrong in any of that of course. I was pretty darn close to suggesting it myself.  It seems every month  just before my period I slide into a hole where I want to set fire to the kitchen and run away to the circus.  We’ve had that talk in the past, I ended up in counselling which helped a great deal and now I’m back at the beginning of that same circle.  Now I’ve made a bit of money, I can invest in another route, one I haven’t done since infertility days.  And that’s probably why I had such a problem with naturopaths. 

The last time I went, I didn’t get what I wanted.  Which was to get pregnant.  All I got was a restricted diet which made me crazy, a pimply face from B-12 shots, and I still had to go to a doctor for my fibroids.   I tried another one years later and got a 2 hour appointment  full of strange tests terminating with a long and expensive list of supplements.  I’m cranky and cranky people don’t have a lot of patience, but if I can give six weeks for a anti-depressant to work and give me a bunch of weird side effects than I can certainly give a naturopath another try.  I got a good recommendation so I’ll let you know how it goes. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or gin and tonic, one or the other.




3 thoughts on “Gin & Tonic summer

  1. I totally love this post. There is so much depth to it. I relate a million times over to a hesitancy of embracing things (like a visit to the naturopath) that are linked so heavily to my days through infertility.

    Good luck as you pursue this avenue – I am wishing you strength as you work through these challenges and hope that you find yourself happy and healthy before long.

  2. I’m so thankful for my integrative medical doc (md & acupuncturist), who has helped me through infertility and now of course, continued hormonal imbalance through the years. Oh, the wonders of natural progesterone cream! And now, most recently, a little bit of testosterone (a first, so I’m looking forward to the “side effects” on my libido 😉 ).
    I didn’t do the all out treatments for infertility, so I don’t have the same associations when I go to a medical appointment with her, but I haven’t been on an acupuncture table since well before we adopted, so I wonder if maybe that would be the thing to bring some of those emotions back for me. As our budget won’t allow it anytime soon, I guess I’ll still have to wonder :).
    I wish you happy hormones – even if we’re not trying to be “fertile” anymore, every woman deserved to be balanced. We shouldn’t have to live life crazier than necessary!

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