Microblog Mondays

There’s nothing like being gluten free, dairy free and not losing a single pound.  I drank lots of water.  I went to spin class twice in a week and also walked the dog for kilometres and didn’t lose one pound.  I have even cut my coffee intake by about 50%.  If I take my supplements too close to a meal, I get incredibly nauseous  and bloated so badly I can’t even walk…so I can only take them before I go to bed now.  To celebrate nothing changing,  I ate a Lindt chocolate bar with caramel.   Everyone else I hear that goes gluten free loses 15 pounds and feels like a million bucks.  True, I have not kicked the sugar habit in the slightest but even when I was on Weight Watchers, I never went sugar free and I still lost weight.  So I figure my calorie intake is the issue and since my naturopath suggests I never go 3 hours without eating, this could be my problem.  I distinctly remember the hungry and grumbly feeling in my tummy by 8pm and that’s how I lost weight before.  I went to bed early a lot.

I’m discouraged and want to eat chips.  Now I have the cold my son and husband have been so gracious to share with me.  Oh, and according to an ultrasound I had last week, my fibroids are back.  I don’t know to what extent yet as my doctor’s office hasn’t joined the modern age and can’t scan it and email me the results so I will wait for the snail mail.  I take it that it’s not so dire to merit a return visit to my GP.  I still have to be referred to a gynecologist to go over my options.  My resolve is being tested, I see.  I want to move forward and make changes, but my body keeps slowing me down.  What’s up with that?


14 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

  1. When I first went gluten free I GAINED weight. What the…?? Like you, I was so frustrated because yes, aren’t you supposed to lose a bunch of weight effortlessly when you go gluten free? I don’t have an answer for you (I eventually did a whole30 and went paleo but I still never lost all the weight I thought I should), I just wanted you to know that I totally get it!

  2. What IS up with that, body?

    I had considered going gluten-free precisely because of what you wrote above: people lose weight and say they feel fabulous. But I wasn’t happy about the idea. Now I’m thinking that I will be right pissed if I give up pasta AND don’t lose weight.

  3. Getting old sucks. I have been trying to shed some weight gained thru stress and such and tracking on MFP (what used to work) isn’t doing sh*t. I may be bucking up for the Whole 30 challenge soon just to try something drastic, except the thought of giving up wine makes it so much less appealing.

  4. Yep. I literally had to eat nothing except lean meat and brussel sprouts in order to lose. And worked out. Then my life fell apart and I fell face first into a vat of carbohydrates. But really the severity needed to lose is totally ridiculous at this point in my life. *sigh*. I deeply get it.

    • I remember doing WW and the most I lost in a week was when I ate their frozen pasta entrees for a week. Oh yeah and when I had uterine embolization and was eating percocet. I found a site that explained why some people don’t lose weight on a gluten free dairy free diet… suggesting some sort of cross gluten reactivity. So then no more grains. Looked at the Whole 30 website. My god – I almost wept dark chocolate caramel sea salt tears!!

  5. one of the people in my office is on a fairly strict steamed Broccolli and fish diet in order to shrink to non-existence for a glamour competition. It does seem to work, but I don’t think its good for the temper. And it certainly isn’t good for the temper of those poor souls within smelling distance of the microwave. But it works.
    It’s really frustrating to be so good, and eat a restricted diet, only to discover that it isn’t working. Hope you find something that works

  6. You know… Sarah Ballantyne, Paleo Mom blogger and dense Paleo book author, says that eatiing between meals or too often is not advised unless one’s doing it to maintain blood sugar levels (people with diabetes for example). I wonder if you cut down (or out but that sound unrealistic in your case ;-)) sugar and tried to eat more balanced meals with less grains (even if GF) you would see a shift? If you’re over this, enjoy the Lindt! 🙂

    • You’re right and I certainly did start out by doing just that but I’m finding out that my dinners are just not big enough or something or I’m eating too early cause I’m hungry by 8 and then it’s all a blur after that. Will be checking in with my naturopath next week.

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