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Microblog Monday – the Disney edition

Microblog_MondaysGeorge at Paradise Pier George in Disneyland

Ah, Disneyland – you Americans know how to put on an amusement park! It’s the size of a small city!   (That’s my mother in law holding up Curious George- kindergarten assignment. It took me hours to send captioned pictures and write a story in a journal for Boo’s teacher.  Whew!)  We had a great time!  It was great to take a holiday break and we were all sad to leave the warm and sunny climate.  Highlights included the race through Cars Land, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and the Hollywood Tower of Terror.  I screamed a lot.  Seriously.  People find it hilarious.  Boo was quite impressed when he got to “drive” cars and eat his body weight in French fries.

Here’s a tip for all those who venture forth into that giant machine of happy fun.  Plan ahead – know what your kid will like, get it done and then when they’re tired or overstimulated, do the rides you want to do while they hang out and rest.  Also bring snacks, water, and a decent meal.  The food is overpriced and crappy (but it’s an amusement park so I wasn’t expecting much).  You can find fresh fruit, but anything approaching salad or sandwiches is very expensive and skimpy on protein.  You know of course, my heart sang when I found frozen margaritas in California Adventure Park.  Liquid joy.  We also brought a stroller.  We walked and stood on our feet for HOURS.  Lineups were pretty quick this time of the year and the longest wait was 50min. for Cars Land, but had we planned better, we would have done that first.  It was worth it though.  I was very impressed with all the detail and work that goes on for some of the bigger attractions.

We left Boo with grandma and went out for dinner in downtown Disney.  What I did not know is that Downtown Disney is really just a big plaza with restaurants.  We ate at the House of Blues hoping we could take in some music.  Nope, those rooms were booked with private parties and we just didn’t have it in us to hang around til a band set up at 10pm.  We’re old now.  Our idea of fun is being able to sleep in without Boo terrorizing us at 7am.   So we were back at the hotel by 9:30.  The next day we went to Target (yes, it’s better in the States and has the same wine for 50% less) and then hung out at the pool.  Lovely, relaxing for me and watched Boo and his daddy play in the water.  So nice.

It certainly made me yearn to go on vacation again and I’ve already started saving. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with your family when you’re not cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, emailing, walking the dog, waking up in a cold sweat worrying about your financial future, etc.

Microblog Monday – late

Microblog_MondaysFirst of all, by eating candy (a little bit) and working out, I have actually lost some weight.  Nothing big and apparently it depends on which day I get on the scale.  But it’s a victory I will take.

Second of all, we celebrated our 13th anniversary last Friday. My friend took Boo for a sleepover and hubby and I enjoyed a rare night out. We went for Thai food and then went to see the movie, Interstellar. Very good movie and also a friend is in it! The science fictiony explanations for stuff don’t make that much sense, but I was on the edge of my seat for most of it.  Usually, hubby arranges everything for our anniversary, but he was waiting for last minute work travel plans and when that fell through, we were left with limited options.  It was okay, it was nice, but it also reminded me of how rarely we go out together.  The last few years have been difficult to say the least, and now husband has to recreate himself again.  He’s been less angry in general since it’s all done, but we both know are a little quiet because of the unknown.  It’s just that starting over is not exciting at our age, it’s worrisome.

And finally, by this time next week we’ll be in Disneyland. It’s a 4 day trip we’ve been planning for a year and though we discussed cancelling it for all sorts of reasons, we’re going anyway, and it’s basically all paid for.  With air miles points, we have our flights taken care of, and we’ve socked money away for hotel and spending money. Both in-laws were supposed to come, but now for health reasons, grandpa will be staying behind.  Sad about that and  he will be missed.  I tend not to get overly excited about trips until I’m actually there. This is no exception, lots to be done before then, but it should be fun.  Having a kid makes it easier to fake enthusiasm. Everything is fresh and exciting and new to young eyes.

Microblog Mondays – Scaredy cat Tooth Fairy

Microblog_MondaysBoo lost his first tooth!  Yes, it’s a bit early for that, but because of repeated blows to his front teeth as a result of some bad spills when he was younger, his front teeth have always been wobbly.   He had another blow to his mouth last weekend and one of his front teeth was barely hanging on.  I suppose I could have skipped the visit altogether but frankly, I just wanted to get it over with, and was concerned that his tooth would break or go through his lip or some stupid thing.  Not one for suspense, I took him in and his dentist basically suggested he eat a big toffee to get rid of it.  Knowing  how sensitive he is about his teeth, I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I asked him what he wanted to do.  He voted to get it pulled.    And you know what I did?  I told him I’d be out in the waiting room having a cup of tea and I’d see him soon. I’ve only stayed in the room with him when they’re just looking at his teeth but the minute they start cleaning, I head out to “go to the bathroom”.

According to hubby, I bailed on my child. (Thanks for that.) I guess I did but I honestly thought I was doing him a favour.   I get anxious whenever I see a dentist’s chair and start to babble on and I wanted to spare him the sight of mummy dissolving into tears.  One of my dreaded nightmares is dreaming about losing my teeth.  He was out in less than 5 minutes, not a tear was shed.  He was proudly carrying his tooth in a tooth carrier and had two tokens to put in the toy machine.  By the time we got back to school, his gum had stopped bleeding and off to school he went proudly displaying his missing tooth.  He felt like a big boy.  I felt like a guilty chicken.  Bawk! Bawk!

Daddy decided the tooth was worth $2 and when he awoke the next day- Boo was $2 richer. He wanted to know what the tooth fairy looked like.  I googled Gabrielle Union and told him look, there she is, she looks a bit like mummy, doesn’t she?

I have a dentist appointment this Thursday.  I am eagerly awaiting ativan for something that most people could get through without a sedative.  Honestly, I’m one of those people who would glady shell out $200 to be knocked out for teeth cleaning – but it is only a modicum of pride that holds me back from doing that.

We are going back for a routine check next week – I resolve next time I will stay in the room.  I think.