Could I be even more tired?

I received the results from my blood tests last week.  I definitely have low iron.  I also have a high A1C number (this is for blood sugar). The range is 4.0  – 6 and I’m a 6.   In fact, if it was .1 degree higher, I’d be pre-diabetes.  Now I knew this about a year and a half ago, but I guess I kind of forgot about it until I started to feel as fatigued as I did. I increased my workout schedule, but I was still tired, huffing and puffing up the same hill I walk every day, my legs ached, I became irritated very quickly, etc.   My TSH level also dropped a bit but it’s still within normal range.  I had to pay to get a T3 and T4 level done (at the same lab) through my naturopath’s requisition and  then I could see that my numbers were low.  So basically hypothyroid.  We suspected that for a while as I have the usual symptoms but unfortunately you can’t get a GP to order a T3 or T4 unless you drop out of the “normal” TSH range.

The walk in clinic doctor called me back to discuss my results and I have to admit, I was pretty alarmed when she told me I should talk with my GP about the possibility of going on metformin.  Then by the time Boo and I had reached the car, I was over it.  I’m not going on metformin until absolutely necessary because with diet and lifestyle changes, I can lower that number.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do as a matter of fact, but despite my gluten free diet, quitting drinking, and working out, weight loss has been brutally difficult.  Of course, I’ve had low iron before and this was an impediment to my weight loss before.  Add on top of fluctuating hormones, this is an uphill no fun slog.  Sigh.  Why can’t I be one of those naturally lithe people?

So no freaking out, it could be worse.  At least now I know what it will take to get me feeling better and I’m taking those steps.


6 thoughts on “Could I be even more tired?

  1. . I completely hear you in fact I could have written this post. Last year I saw my TSH levels had dropped significantly from the last time I had had them checked of course that was 10 years between the two but I was still within the range of normal so no flags went up. like you I have been battling the same difficult weight-loss and in fact I was just considering going to a functional medicine person who will look at the big picture for me. I lost about 20 pounds over the year but I had gained that after the death of my friend and really needed to lose it. I did that by consistent workouts and a very very strict diet regimen. The stupid part is that I was so strict with my diet I think I inadvertently caused some food sensitivity problems… Some things I had probably always been sensitive to but lived with because I always had them in small doses suddenly have become a huge problem because I eliminated them for almost a year. I have this added weird issue currently that needs to be resolved with ongoing dizziness and slight vertigo. I know when it comes to our bodies it does seem like we try so hard and yet how to find the balance.

    Here’s to spring a renewal and feeling more energetic and all of that. xoxo. Love hearing your
    ” voice.”

  2. About six months ago, I eliminated all packaged foods and refined sugar from my diet. And I drastically reduced consumption of animal products. This has made a HUGE difference in my health- I have lost about 24lbs without ever feeling hungry, and just got a fantastic rate on my life insurance renewal because my bloodwork was so good. My insurance agent said that there are only 4 people in their office with the rating that I got, and they are all super athletic people in their 20s (I’m 42, and moderately active). I never preach about food to anyone, but it hurts me to see people’s health sliding when they are still young and should still have lots of energy. If you want to know more about the changes I’ve made and how I did it, I’m happy to help. Hang in there…

  3. Knowledge is power… you now know what the problems are and what you can do about it. Easier said than done, of course. I would have a hard time giving up sugar too.

    My now-retired family dr diagnosed me with low feratin/iron levels & told me to take iron pills, which boosted my levels into a slightly more acceptable range. He said I would probably have to continue taking them until I was through menopause (!). I told my new family dr that I was taking the pills and he told me to stop (even though I’m not yet through menopause) and we’ll do some bloodwork in a few months to see if my natural levels are still low. I’ve stopped and I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I have to say I was a bit leery, because it WAS working fine. :p ARGH, it’s such a pain having to adapt to a new doctor. :p

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