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Microblog Mondays – Relief and aggravation

Microblog_MondaysThat 45 second visit to the walk in clinic led me to make an appointment with my family doctor who listened attentively to me talk about my weeks old cough that was robbing me of my sleep and had actually bruised my vocal cords.  And then she gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.  Just 7 pills, one per day. That night, I actually slept all night without waking up hacking and coughing.  It’s amazing to announce that I actually woke up in a good mood. The following day the sputum test came in and indeed, I have a bacterial infection.  I have not gotten around to a chest x-ray and I’m not sure if it’s truly necessary if I am feeling better.

Those 7 pills cost $52 by the way. Unfortunately, hubby’s insurance ended mid month which used to cover the entire cost of all prescriptions and 100% dental coverage. Good news is that I made enough money last year in acting to enable my actor’s insurance to kick in this year! It’s only bronze level, but it pays for 75% of prescription costs. Bad news is that I’m going to the dentist tomorrow for a brutal cleaning (ARGH! ) and my coverage only pays 50%. Which is one reason why I hardly ever went to the dentist years ago because I had to pay first and then wait for reimbursement. Mind you, it’s better than nothing, right?

Did I mention my Visa card was cancelled because of fraudulent use? I had an automated call tell me I had some unusual purchases all on the day I was at work. A cable bill, airplane ticket, etc. I was on hold far too long so I hung up thinking maybe the call itself was a scam. I was so busy that I didn’t follow up for 2 days. I called Visa finally because I could not get my Pay Park to go through on my phone. (I ended up plugging the meter with $3.00 worth of DIMES!) I told them that automated messages telling its customers of fraudulent visa card purchases was not exactly the most effective method. I don’t know about you but I get spam calls every day.  I’ve had the same visa card # for decades and I use it mainly for online purchases, course registrations and parking. I even went to the extent of buying one of those sleeves to protect it from scanning and would hide it deep in my wallet. So much for that, eh?

I also spent last Monday and today at my mum’s storage facility….but that’s a whole other post.

Microblog Mondays: Praying for Tuesday

Microblog_MondaysNo, I haven’t heard back on that callback.  Blech.  Moving on.  I have also been coughing for weeks.  Then I started hacking up discoloured phlegm.  I coughed so much that I could barely sleep.  I went to the walk in clinic and they prescribed an inhaler.  Didn’t work.  I stopped doing it and it seemed to get better, so much so that I could actually sleep.  And during the temp job it started up again and I’m hacking up half a lung and feel like crap.  Couldn’t figure it out, was it a sinus infection, allergies, asthma?  Went back to the clinic and the doctor there saw me for 45 seconds and waved me out with a requisition for a chest x ray and sputum test.

And speaking of moving on, today is my last day at that temp job.  I would have liked the first day that I started to be my last day frankly.  Not good.  Let’s say it was a challenging week.  One of a temp’s nightmares is when people actually expect you to know how to do everything perfectly – without actually showing you how to do it.  Or where things are.  Or read minds.  Took me to Thursday to figure out they actually wanted to go get the mail downstairs – there was a key in the drawer – unlabelled – much like the supply cabinets keys.  I was also responsible for doing technical things on an in house program that is industry specific. I found out eventually that the office manager, who is the owner’s wife, doesn’t have a good rapport with many people and they had been through many receptionists.  I got to know her a little bit and found out there was a softer side and so I made it my mission to just try to please her, not take her dour disposition personally.  You know, bring her water, make jokes.  Everyone has a Buddha nature right?  The agency asked me to do just one more day; the permanent person starts tomorrow.  Good luck, honey.

Microblog Mondays – Me and an actual job? Nope.

Microblog_MondaysRemember when I was eager to get a temp job?  Well, when it looked like it might happen, I freaked out because I had just gone back to acting classes.  My coach takes commitment very seriously.  And then I got over it, took a job for a week, because really what was I doing anyway that was making me money?  Nuthin’.  And it might even be fun dealing with grownups again! Ahem.  Nope.   And then I got an unexpected callback…tomorrow.  And I won’t have the car so I’ve arranged to have the sitter pick me up (once I explain to the president of the company why I have leave early) and take me.  Wanna take bets if I last the week?

The best laid plans of underemployed actresses…..

Hello insecurities, there you are!

Okay, I’m done with FB.  I gotta find something else to do at night.  I was feeling bummed at not getting acting work and then I read about actors I know getting work – actually posting a clip on Facebook, agents announcing clients’ bookings and actors posting about getting a callback to a film I auditioned on Friday with one of the most brilliant actors out there (William H. Macy); just heard his name the on the View while I was at the dentist (gack, grrr, bad gums). I could actually feel my mood sink into the floor.  A lot of childless/infertile people are annoyed to see a parade of kids in their newsfeed.   I’m annoyed to see other actors post about their latest gigs.  I don’t resent their success in the slightest, I really like those people or they wouldn’t be on my FB at all.  It just highlights my own insecurity, my own failings.  I want to be in the club of working actors, dammit, it’s fun there!   Then I had a dream last night about my agent hosting a reading to a film that I never had an audition for!  And yes, my peers were in it.

I went back to acting class on Friday.  I was quite hesitant but I really missed going. Anyway, I go and I meet this one actor for the first time and (talking about the web series that I’m doing) says “Oh, you’re the person  next to insert well known BFF’s name!”  I shit you not.  Here I was feeling invisible, needy, lonely and this complete stranger refers to me as the person standing next to the woman he does know, but he used both her names which implies not a friendship but rather a professional acknowledgement.  I replied rather frostily, “Yes, I’m Death Star, that was me.”

The last person I want to talk to is my agent.  The only feedback I want to hear coming from her mouth is that I booked a gig.  The most pathetic thing I used to do as an actor was call my agent every week and chit chat about all the movies in town that don’t have me in it.  (I called my agent anyway.  She’s trying to save me for bigger roles apparently.  I think she said that to make me feel better. I asked her to get feedback from a big audition last week and she said, oh, that casting director is so busy but I’ll try.)

Update:  the temp agency called and I took the job.  I’m hoping it’s just for one week (so I only miss one acting class) but it could be two. I could use the money.  It’s not far from where I live, but of course, it’s 45 minutes by bus and 10 minutes by car.  And now DH is starting up another job which will require some childcare…which we worked out.  Ah, so now I’ve joined the ranks of those who do this all the time.  I will also have to notify my agent that I will be unavailable for a bit.  I’m kind of nervous, I haven’t been in office in years but I’m also excited because I’m going to meet new people and hopefully it will be a good experience for everyone concerned.