Microblog Mondays – Relief and aggravation

Microblog_MondaysThat 45 second visit to the walk in clinic led me to make an appointment with my family doctor who listened attentively to me talk about my weeks old cough that was robbing me of my sleep and had actually bruised my vocal cords.  And then she gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.  Just 7 pills, one per day. That night, I actually slept all night without waking up hacking and coughing.  It’s amazing to announce that I actually woke up in a good mood. The following day the sputum test came in and indeed, I have a bacterial infection.  I have not gotten around to a chest x-ray and I’m not sure if it’s truly necessary if I am feeling better.

Those 7 pills cost $52 by the way. Unfortunately, hubby’s insurance ended mid month which used to cover the entire cost of all prescriptions and 100% dental coverage. Good news is that I made enough money last year in acting to enable my actor’s insurance to kick in this year! It’s only bronze level, but it pays for 75% of prescription costs. Bad news is that I’m going to the dentist tomorrow for a brutal cleaning (ARGH! ) and my coverage only pays 50%. Which is one reason why I hardly ever went to the dentist years ago because I had to pay first and then wait for reimbursement. Mind you, it’s better than nothing, right?

Did I mention my Visa card was cancelled because of fraudulent use? I had an automated call tell me I had some unusual purchases all on the day I was at work. A cable bill, airplane ticket, etc. I was on hold far too long so I hung up thinking maybe the call itself was a scam. I was so busy that I didn’t follow up for 2 days. I called Visa finally because I could not get my Pay Park to go through on my phone. (I ended up plugging the meter with $3.00 worth of DIMES!) I told them that automated messages telling its customers of fraudulent visa card purchases was not exactly the most effective method. I don’t know about you but I get spam calls every day.  I’ve had the same visa card # for decades and I use it mainly for online purchases, course registrations and parking. I even went to the extent of buying one of those sleeves to protect it from scanning and would hide it deep in my wallet. So much for that, eh?

I also spent last Monday and today at my mum’s storage facility….but that’s a whole other post.

7 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Relief and aggravation

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, even with expensive pills. (Here in NZ I have no idea how much medications coast because we only ever pay a fee of $5 for prescriptions.)

    Sucks about your Visa card – hope you’re not liable for any expenses.

    • No,luckily I am not. I remember not too long ago that a real live person would call you to ask about questionable charges so I would call them and tell them that I was about to go to England or the States. $5!? You guys are so fortunate!

  2. I just had to cancel my card last month also! I got the same kind of automated call. I usually ignore them, but luckily this time I didn’t. In the end, I was switched to a live person and they told me that my card was being used in Great Britian, which was pretty weird since it was with me in Utah, USA. Normally, I check my cards every day online, but that day I had forgotten, so I was glad they called. But I agree, they need a better system. I spend a lot on Amazon.com, but when the automated caller calls, they just say online store. So its a pain because I have to try and match amounts.

    • Why would they say online store, I wonder. When you get the Visa statement it actually lists Amazon, right? I recently made 2 online purchases, one to Weight Watchers and one for a ticket to a fundraiser. So one of those sources was not as secure as I imagined.

  3. Yep, we may have universal healthcare in Canada, and thank goodness for what we do have, but it does not include prescriptions or dental care (and coincidentally, we are going for checkups tomorrow). :p Dh & I both have coverage through our former workplace (me as an employee on severance, him as a pensioner), but our changing status & plans have involved several sets of new insurance cards over the past year, and several phone calls to the insurance company because sometimes the benefits don’t coordinate properly. :p Plus we have had three different family doctors in the past year (one retired after being our dr for 29 years, one left the practice after we’d been seeing him just nine months) & they all do things a little differently. :p

    Anyway. Glad you are feeling better, even if it’s been a pain in the wallet, and I hope the credit card gets straightened out soon.

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