Microblog Mondays – Glad that M day is behind me

Microblog_MondaysI had gone to take my mum some beautiful roses last Thursday and spend a little time with her.  She had a wheelchair sore so she was lying on her side in bed.  I told her about my gig and she was so excited about it.  So much so that she started to get quite agitated and started yelling and so I just sat quietly and waited for her to calm down.   I could not find the remote to the TV (things are always disappearing in a home), so I just turned on the radio.  I tried to get her singing to get her “unstuck” but it didn’t really work.  I could not stay long and had to rush back to pick up my son, got stuck in traffic and hubby ended up going to get him at school.  When I arrive, I give my son a steamed milk from Starbucks as I know sometimes he can be cranky pants after a long day at school.  He takes one sip and announces he doesn’t like it and wants me to go home and bring him warm milk from home.   I wanted to throttle him.  I reminded him of all the starving children in Nepal with no homes.  My prince was unmoved. I tell him instead that that is the last time I will ever buy him steamed milk from Starbucks and we all go home.

I’m not really crazy about Mother’s Day.  With the exception of my first one, it’s all a bit much with overpriced menus and media ads for jewellery and such.   It really has always been about my own mother but since she’s been in a home for almost 13 years, it’s a little bittersweet for me.

My son was excited to give me this fancily wrapped gift he brought home from school.  I opened it up and it was a flower bouquet attached to a dragonfly. Also a lovely homemade card and bookmark.  I oohed and aahed over it.  It was wonderful!

This weekend we left to go the island to visit my inlaws as they had family over from Europe. I just missed my mum, but instead of feeling whatever I’m feeling over it or talking about it, I just don’t.  My MIL understood and bless her heart for being the only person to understand how I felt.

I had a beautiful moment with my son.  I told him how happy I was to be his mother and he told me that he picked me.  I told him that the woman who gave birth to him wanted him to have a mummy and a daddy and she chose us to take care of him.  He asked why I couldn’t have a baby out of my tummy.  I said I tried but it was broken. He said, did you try everything?  Yes, I did, but I’m so happy and lucky to be your mother.

Later I sent a text to his birthmother expressing my gratitude and wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day with her 2 sons. I wonder how she feels about it.

We all had a nice brunch, I looked fabulous and this week I will be working on appreciation and gratitude.  And getting over this massive cold that I now possess.

6 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Glad that M day is behind me

  1. Your beautiful moment with your son brought tears to my eyes. I love that so, so much. And love that you texted your son’s birthmother a message of gratitude. I hope your cold goes away soon.

  2. I, too, love that intimate moment between you and your son, and that you reached out to his birth mom.

    I’m sorry for the ongoing loss of your mom. So hard especially this day. I hope your cold gets better soon!

  3. I’m sorry that Mother’s Day is so hard. We reject all the consumerism associated with the holiday. It makes a hard day even harder.

  4. Mother’s Day is almost always as much about silent loss as it is about loud love and gratitude. I could definitely relate to your feelings about your mother.

    I’m glad though that you looked fabulous, and I hope your cold is on its way out.

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