Archive | May 18, 2015

Microblog Mondays – SNOT going to stop me

Microblog_MondaysI had the cold from hell last week!  Literally I was stuffed in the head for 6 consecutive days so I’m thinking it was more like sinusitis.  I was in bed for 2 days (though me and my kleenex box did a typing job Monday night, and took the kid to school), then I dragged myself to wardrobe call, got my eyebrows done and then to the doctor’s office.  By that point I had acquired that same hacking, choking cough that robbed me of my mellifluous speaking voice and my voice was already down half an octave so my doctor told me I shouldn’t go to work.  Oh, no, I proclaimed, you don’t get it.  I am an actor who just booked her first gig of the year and I was going!  I had already dosed my body with Dayquil, Nightquil, Tylenol Cold & Sinus, oil of oregano, saline in the nose, etc.  I got the same antibiotic I used a couple weeks ago, dropped off my spit test at the lab and tried to get a good night’s rest.  Unfortunately, I either had a fever or night sweats, and was up two times trying to dry off.

The shoot day went well.  I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that I was sick  (was it the dazed expression or the hacking cough that gave it away?) but the deep, congested voice gave my female cop a bad-ass edge.  I truly felt about a step behind and the director was working very quickly and I made more mistakes than I usually do, but I got the job done and Bill even gave me an autographed picture for my kid.  (Boo found out he narrated a Curious George movie he had been watching and thought that was exciting.  Not the fact that mummy was in a movie. Nope.)  I really wanted a selfie with him but I noticed that no one was taking pics and everyone had signed a confidentiality agreement, so I didn’t ask.  I had so much fun though.  I was home to read Boo a story and then I went to bed myself.  Sure, I wish I had been PERFECT, sure I wish I hadn’t been doped up and sick, but I had such a wonderful day working.  And my brows rocked.