Microblog Mondays – summer fun!

Microblog_MondaysI missed last week’s Microblog Mondays out of sheer laziness. And hotness.  Seriously,it’s been blistering hot here for weeks.  And then a smokey haze descended on the city (from forest fires in Alberta). Very creepy and smokey smelling times.

I did work on a 3 day workshop about a love story set in the post WW1 Harlem era.  It was a lot of fun.  Ultimately, there isn’t really an interesting part in it for me specifically, but it was a rare opportunity to work with Black artists. I enrolled Boo in a very reasonably price day camp for the week and hubby was able to pick him up.  As always, it’s a delight for me to be able to be creative and be part of fantastic projects and even get a paid a little bit.

I did 3 solid days of filing for an accountant at a company the previous week.  It was terribly boring but well paying so I hope they call me back to work p/t at least. I guess I have to thank the woman for not filing for 3 years because I put in a lot of hours.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m scratching my  head as to why I get presented with opportunities for work that is opposite to my outgoing personality.  I just spoke to a woman who works for a law firm and they have clients who needs transcribers.  Oh, goody! I say while cringing a bit inside at the thought of sitting on my ass all day with my foot on a pedal and earphones plugged in for 8 hours a day.  Oh, yes, it’s big girl panty time and so I will put them on and make some dough and adjust my attitude. I’m still looking at other options that don’t involve me wanting to poke my eyes out every time I do one of these jobs.  Once again, I thank my mum silently for making me take speed typing in high school.  This skill has saved my ass time and time again.

One strange thing  – a bug bit me near the ankle, and assuming it was a mosquito, I put afterbite on it and forgot about it until I was coming home from work.  I looked down and saw a huge blister and just got worse and worse.  It was really uncomfortable so when I got home, I pricked it with a clean pin.  And it blistered up again…. and again. Gross!   Eventually, hubby convinced me to go to the walk in clinic.  Dr. Speedy declared it an allergic reaction and told me to put neosporin and a bandaid on it.  Which I had done the night before anyway.  So she basically just redressed it with gauze and sent me on my way.  It took 8 days to heal!  I think it was a spider bite.

Oh, yeah, hubby told me Boo put popcorn on his nutsack and got the dog to eat it! (insert my stunned face!) Summer fun!


6 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – summer fun!

  1. Glad I had swallowed my sip of water before I read the ending or I would have spat it out laughing. Congratulations on the creative job. And also the not-creative-jobs-that-bring-in-money.

  2. Glad you are earning some money, even if the work is boring — hope you find something a bit more lucrative and stimulating soon! And hear hear on the typing class. I only took it one year, in Grade 9, but it saved me a ton of $$ at university, being able to type my own essays, and served me well in journalism school (had to pass a typing test at 50 wpm; if not, back to remedial typing class!).

    Also glad the bite is healing. I got bitten last week, not at the resort where we went for our anniversary, but a cemetery where we stopped off briefly en route home — the mosquitos were horrendous, so we didn’t stay very long. I still have a big red mark on my left leg as a souvenir. :p

  3. Hilarious ending there! I’m glad you got to work on that 3-day Harlem love story project, it sounds amazing. It is strange that you continue getting such introvert-y jobs when you have such people-person strengths, but it seems like a bit of variety here and there (if a little brain-numbing) so hopefully not too bad. Speed typing is definitely a great skill to have and I don’t think it will ever not be useful! So glad the spider bite finally went away. That sounded awful (and I was thinking SPIDER while you were describing it), not sure why those take so long to heal. I hope the jobs keep coming in and the interesting projects keep calling you back.

  4. Oooh, spider bites can be nasty. Hope it’s clearing up now. Opportunities for creativity are good, but so too are opportunities to earn some cash. I need more of the second! And I’m bracing myself for “boring.”

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