Microblog Mondays – Feeling old

Microblog_MondaysWell, last week was kinda …well…blah.  I’ve been feeling a lot of blah lately and I got up early this morning and did some chanting.  Sometimes that can be really calming and centering and other times it can be very scary because stuff just comes up and when one is facing the Gohonzon it’s like looking at a mirror.  And you can’t look away.  I’m the proverbial Gemini, always moving, always dabbling in this or that and I get restless. Bored.  I’m no good at twiddling my thumbs.  I do have some work this week so that will keep me busy.  And I also booked a small gig.  My agent said I didn’t sound too excited and no, I’m not.  It’s just one day and while I can’t sneeze at the pay, it’s just not that exciting to me.  I did see some rushes of the web series that I’m in.  I did good work and so that was a great feeling.

I finally got my hair done and that cost me more than I’d like but I’m happy with the different look.  I think what has been bugging is that I’ve been looking at old pictures and I guess I’m just feeling well, a little old and worn.  It sounds a little silly, don’t you think?  I didn’t think I was that vain, but apparently I am.   I see pictures of me holding Boo when he was a year old and I look slim, fresh and well-coiffed.  I’ve managed to get a lot of alone time this year and it really does help recharge my batteries.  I just love being able to switch off and be quiet these days.  It’s like a mini-vacation really.  I have a long to do list but I’m good at procrastinating.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a zero gravity chair on the deck reading.  I think that might have happened 3 years ago.  Glorious.  No barking dogs, no construction going on, no loud neighbours.  Instead of doing all the things I should have been doing, I actually just relaxed.  Wow.  Creepy.


11 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Feeling old

  1. Relaxation is so necessary… That zero gravity chair sounds amazing. I’m glad you have some work and a new hair style, and sorry that the work isn’t more fulfilling. I think true relaxation goes a long way towards feeling and looking fresh, rejuvenated, maybe well-coiffed but from the inside. If that makes any sense at all…

  2. I remember a moment years ago, when my not-so-little-anymore ones were off visiting with my MiL and I sat down on the couch. I swear I melted into it. Those precious moments of relaxation are awesome!

  3. I popped over from the microblog post on stirrup queens, because your title was deathstar. I was immediately drawn in.
    I’m glad you got a quite moment alone, I hope it helps with the other all blah feeling. Hate those days!

    • Deathstar was the moniker I chose because at one point that’s how I felt about my uterus; it killed everything that went in there. It’s a dark humour kind of thing.

  4. You can hear the restlessness coming through in the post. Alone time is a mini vacation. I ate dinner by myself this week and it felt luxurious, even though it was just a salad.

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