Microblog Mondays – Need more coffee

Microblog_MondaysWell, it’s certainly been a mixed bag kind of week so I’m going to have to delay another adoption post til I get I can clear my head space for a bit. I’ve been in the get the kid to school, go to auditions, tweeting about my digital (Web) series, wait pointlessly for cheques in the mail kind of groove.  I’ve also attended a funeral of a fellow Buddhist member which has been stirring stuff up inside of me, been to a Vancouver International Film Festival party (great fun but oh, the hangover) and dragged my son to some local cultural events.  I have a major audition tomorrow and I have a lot of transcribing to do and a colonoscopy scheduled for in about a week.

Let’s tackle that backwards just for the heck of it.

Colonoscopy – If my doctor said “over 50” one more time, I was going to slap her.  Yeah,  I get it I’m a woman of a certain age.  So apparently, all bum problems cue the colonoscopy bell.  Like women don’t have enough shit to worry about (no pun intended).  So off I go to the specialist where I get the standard 5 minute talk about what it is, pictorial included, and 2 sheets of prep notes.  Since she just pressed on my abdomen for an exam, I’m not sure why my doc couldn’t have done the same, but whatever.  Meeting a specialist within 2 weeks is always a thrill.  I had no idea the prep would be so lengthy… and when I found out I couldn’t eat the day before, just clear liquids, I was a little terrified. I’ve had procedures where I couldn’t eat after 10pm, but a whole day?  After a few hours without protein, I’m like the hangriest woman alive.  Needless to say, I will not be leaving the house; I will be in bed deliriously watching the clock with a glass of water or apple juice by my side.

Transcribing – lots of work to do.  Which is why I’m delaying it, of course.

Big audition – 5 pages of dialogue.  Yup, getting on that now. Had it all weekend, but was on kid duty so, yup, better get on it.

Took said kid to a Moon Festival (lighted lanterns all along a ravine and park with music, stunning displays and an African drumming session this weekend.  He was not impressed but may have had fun because he got to play with friends, but the actual events, not so much.  Sigh, I love these kinds of things, but Boo would rather run around a playground.

VIFF party – It was fantastic getting out, seeing a really good Canadian movie, having free drinks at a party, getting to hang with my bestie, and taking a very expensive cab ride home.  Talking to adults about things that I was actually interested in.  The hangover was worth it.

Funeral – Wow.   I didn’t really know the person but he died suddenly of a heart attack.  He was a Buddhist member whose life had touched a great many and it reminded me of why I love being part of a such a great community.  It also reminded me that we never really know when our time is up and I was inspired to really be more present with the people in my life.

Auditions – Came close to booking but “they went in another direction”.  Story of my life.  I had a whole 2 days notice of the possibility and then waited for my agent to call me.  A tad stressful considering the amount of rearranging of my life I would have to do.  Hubby, thankfully, has been working a lot, and that means I handle the house on my own.  Not complaining.

Web series – later….

Getting to kid school – I’m terrible at it.  Must get up earlier, we haven’t been late, but I’m dragging my butt.  I really don’t want to give him cut up hot dogs every day, but he won’t eat anything else.

Okay got to go!



7 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Need more coffee

  1. I always heard the prep was the worst part about a colonscopy & I found that to be true. I was also dealing with Aunt Flo at the same time (!!), which made things worse. :p But I decided to go ahead & get it over with. It’s not my favourite way to spend a couple of days, but it does give some peace of mind. Good luck!

  2. Hope your colonoscopy doesn’t turn up anything scary. (Teehee) ugh, no eating for a full day? I am not looking forward to the day that I need one of those.

    You are busy!!!!

  3. I’m tired just reading this! I’m not looking forward to my own bum pictures at some point in the somewhat near future – they’re only giving this “over fifty” woman a pass because I’m going for a hysterectomy in November, so they don’t want to overload me. Sweet of them, really. 😛

    Sending you good audition juju for the big one!

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