Microblog Mondays – Sick day

Microblog_MondaysThis is pretty gross, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I missed last week’s Microblog Monday, but I was too busy tending to my sick son.  The day before, (for the first time ever I might add) he projectile vomited spectacularly all over the living room carpet.  He had just finished a pile of cinnamon buns and a glass of chocolate milk.

Poor little guy.  He had tried to make it to the bathroom but that didn’t work out.  I caught some of it in a tea towel, but when I thought it was done, I put it in the sink only to grab another for round two.   Luckily for me, hubby was working from home and had only stepped out temporarily so when he got back, he could steam clean the carpet, and I could focus on our son. He had no fever and was only sick for about 24 hours, then I just slowly introduced more liquids and solids the next day.  He declared he never wanted to be that sick again.  As awful as a sick kid is, it’s kinda nice that I get to fawn all over him and he just wants to lay beside mummy quietly.  It’s not something that happens very often, so I did enjoy being Dr. Mum.  He was good to go back to school 2 days later, so we were very grateful he wasn’t sick for long.  It’s time like those that make me feel grateful that I get to be at home as much as I do.


10 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Sick day

  1. Poor little guy! I’m so glad it didn’t last long!

    I quite enjoy being Dr. Mom, too. My daughter only ever keeps still when she’s sick, so that’s the only time I ever really get to snuggle with her anymore. My poor little monkey is asleep on the couch right now (6:30 pm!) with a high fever… I hate seeing her sick, but I’m so glad I can be here for her.

  2. Ooooh, that is the worst: the clean up after a vomit. You know it’s not on purpose, but I always love the kids a little extra when they make it to the bathroom in time or at least vomit on the tile floor. Hope he’s feeling better.

  3. Oh no, the worst kind of sick! I’m glad he’s feeling better and it didn’t last long, and that you got all those beautiful snuggles in while he was home recuperating.

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