Microblog Mondays – Blech!

Microblog_MondaysValentine’s Day was pretty mundane.  I got roses presented to me from my son the day before.  We couldn’t get a sitter and a friend of mine had to retract her offer because she was sick.  Yawn.  Whatever.  This made me laugh, though.

My shoulder has decided to not rotate properly and simple things like reaching behind, pulling off a sports bra, or pulling clothes out the dryer have become painful. I cannot do my 30 min hit circuit and now I’m a tad miserable.  I was feeling so optimistic about joining up and punching my way to fitness.  I had started seeing a chiropractor which helped a great deal but have come up against his receptionist who has pointed out to me that I have missed 2 out of the 4 appointments I’ve made.  Well, one I was actually half hour late since I spaced out on it and one I had to cancel because I got an audition the day before (which happens occasionally and of course since I got the call on a holiday (Family Day); I could only leave a message).  I’ve also waited for him  for 30 minute and read an entire O magazine, but I get it.  My bad.  And of course, this guy doesn’t work mornings or weekends.  So then I make an appointment with a acupuncturist who is 30 minutes away and now I can’t go  because hubby needs the vehicle and I can’t get a bus to where he is much less get back before the kid is out of school.  I could take a Car2go but that would  end up costing more than renting a car.   I could borrow a friend’s  husband’s car but I also feel funny about that.  It’s not like it’s an emergency, I just rescheduled for the weekend which is not ideal, but there you go. Hubby has a line of a used car.  Just hope he takes my advice and gets it checked out by a mechanic first.  Here’s hoping.





7 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Blech!

  1. Those poems made me laugh so hard… I hope your shoulder feels better. I hate when medical professionals make a big deal out of late arrivals or missed appointments when they also make you wait super long. Sometimes life happens. My PT office gives you one free missed appointment… a policy I appreciate. 🙂

  2. Oh lordy…those poems had me cracking up!!! Hope your shoulder feels better soon! It sucks when part of our body doesn’t work the way we want it to!

  3. OMG- I just laughed so hard I cried (and I’m at work- my coworkers are looking at me funny right now)! Thank you for that link- I needed that!

    Hope the shoulder feels better. I get so depressed when I can’t work out. Hang in there!

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