Microblog Mondays

Microblog_MondaysSo by Friday I had completely determined to let shit go about that missed audition and of course, I get a call saying I have an audition for that part tonight.  Of course, I am working all day downtown today.  But I’m cool as a cucumber.  I took transit and I schlepped all my stuff with me, so I will be prepared but wrinkled.  With a lot of chanting I’ve switched into equanimity mode and not getting overly attached to things that are just not in my control.

Oh, and we got a new car.  Well, an old car to be exact.  Hubby had a friend who was looking to sell her 15 year old car, a very well maintained VW Golf.  I insisted he get it checked out by a mechanic at first and other than one repair it’s all good to go.  So now he’s got a car so he can get to work.  Presently, I’m still stuck with that beast of a gas guzzling pickup, but I’m eyeing that car up.  It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a standard, but I’ve driven it once and it’s all coming back to me. Hubby does travel a lot further and frequently than I do and the VW is better on gas.  I will have to wait til my mother’s estate is settled and then I will get a small SUV that suits our family better.

Will keep you informed on how tonight goes…..okay, universe, time to shape us and get mama a gig!


5 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

  1. Oh, break a leg! I hope for a turn of events for you… And how exciting to get a newer car! (I don’t buy new cars ever, so new-to-me is pretty awesome.) A small SUV sounds great, too… I recently got a 2012 Subaru Outback, which is sort of SUV-y, and I LOVE it. So all good things for you!

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